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  • Jay Jay Feb 26, 2008 12:07 PM Flag

    DSale Earnhardt jr is overrated

    I'm going to assume that you are a Gordon fan because only a follower of the infamous 24 car can make such a comment. Granted, the phrase "next coming of jesus" may be a little to much, but Jr.'s true talent has yet to be seen. For the past several years since Dale Earnheardt's death, DEI has been on a slippery downward slope. Blown engines, average R & D, and a looming family fued have hendered his ability to produce the season performances he is capable of. Some might pose the arguement that Martin Truex made the chase in '07, why not Dale. Truex did not out perform Dale Jr. by much, average finish of 16.5 and 18.6 respectivly. The only material difference was Martins win at Dover, Dale had no wins in 2007. The June Dover race that the 1 car logged a win at was the same race that Dale started on the outside pole and ended up 20th with a horible car. The real reason for the "trade" is Teresa. The two never reconciled their differences after Dale Sr. died, with the transfer of power came sour feeling's from both sides. DALE EARNHEARDT INC, is now under the step mom's control. An owner who rarely attened races and didn't seem to care about anything other than her name in the column titled OWNER. Even Kellly is making the move, that should further prove the companies shaky inferstucture.

    As much as I dislike the 24 and 48 I respect their abilities and no one can argue that Hendrick has the best staff and equipment of any competitive team. With the deaths of Ricky Hendrick and Dale Sr. both Rick and Jr. have a void that needs to be filled. Dale Jr. and Ricky grew up in NASCAR together, literally. Ricky even jokingly said that one day Little E will drive a car for him. The father figure, the active owner, the equipment, and the staff should make any average driver good (Casey Mears) and any godd diver great. I believe that Dale Earnheardt Jr. is alreay great 8 full time seasons, 17 wins, 76 top fives, and 122 top tens is the resume of a "good" driver. What makes him great is building that solid resume with his teacher, his mentor, his father being killed in such a way that would cause most to rethink their career choise and/or turn to negitive methods of filling the void caused by the experiance. The move will be good, Jr. will not dissapoint, and the 88 team will make the chase. If you can't tell, I am a Jr. fan!!

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    • Wtf are u talking about DEI isnt shaky? They have 1 or more cars in the top 10 every week and are getting stronger and stronger week by week , Dale Jr is over-rated ,#1 fan base in the world , and hes not the #1 Driver , so where does it come from let me give you a hint Dale Sr is where its come from , he didnt have to earn his fans...... Im a Jimmy Johnson fan and I was before he won anything and I will be forever


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