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  • steve k steve k Feb 26, 2008 6:41 PM Flag

    DSale Earnhardt jr is overrated

    More wins in less starts....You're living in a dream world man. Take away any year that Stewart has race ( 6 win season in 2000) and he still has more wins. Jr started a year after stewart so that equals the same amount of starts. How can you say that about Carl Edwards. He has only been in Nascar for 3 years. Stop trying to make yourself feel better about jumping on the Jr bandwagon and liking a B- driver.

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    • Jr bandwagon....haha

      Ive been a Jr. fan since before you even knew who tony Stewart was. unless of course you followed his career in Indy car. Besides dude I would never knock Tony Stewart, I like him. Not to mention him and Jr. are best friends. and like I said before Jr had to deal with driving for a company in turmoil. Stewart has had a nice professionally run organization to drive for since he came to Nascar. While Jr may be stuck with his dad's fans following his career, he didn't ask for that and not all of us are "jumping on the Jr bandwagon". besides i would never argue that Jr is a better driver than Stewart, and i guarantee you couldn't get either of them to say that they were better than the other.

      Wow, I really never expected that kind of a message from a Stewart fan. I just assumed the Dumba** who wrote the first one was some ignorant Busch or Gordon fan. really didn't think a Stewart fan would show him support.

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      • You know I really hate to dissapoint you as an Earnhardt Jr fan but I also am a Stewart fan, and I must say I know Jr. and Stewart are best friends Jr. owns property sold to him by Stewart in Columbus, next to Stewart's property. However I must agree on one thing, that Jr. is simply laying back and riding the coattails of his daddies legacy, until he does something other than have all of his fans blame all his lack of success on Theresa Earnhardt (pathetic excuse) than I will always believe that Earnhardt Jr. is nothing but the lucky, freeloading piece of crap that is merely in the league of the likes of Keith Van Horn. Oh I am sorry at least Keith Van Horn makes it public that he doesn't actually want to compete. R.I.P. # 3

      • I think you're getting Dale Sr and Jr mixed up.....like everyone else. And what do you think Stewart was talking about at Indy when he thanked his fans for putting up with all the BS each week. I think he was talking about coming to the track and putting up with all the Jr fans and how the ESPN picks on him for saying he was going to drink a case of beer in his off week. What's funny about that is ESPN called him a bad role model for saying he was going to drink 2 and a half beers a day for a week. When JR wins, and that is once in a blue moon, he says he is going to party with budweiser and the media never says a word. Dale Sr is gone, feel free to jump off the media darling bandwagon that is JR, and join the other 25% of Nascar fans who like someone other than JR.

    • Well I guess that U ARE IN A DREAM WORLD !!!! U will just have to see 4 yourself !!!!! Have a slice of CROW !!!!! It's ON ME !!!! LOL!!!!!

    • Look the guy who made the first post doesn't even know how to spell Dale. He's gotta be a Grordan or Bussch fan.

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      • Good to see you're a true Jr fan. I don't really bash Jr, just the fans who say that Jr is their man and they don't spend money on Nascar or even watch the races each week. It's all media. I do believe that if the media would give a few more drivers air time, and push for people to like other drivers that nascar would be better. I mean come on, did you watch the last to Nationwide and Cup races, the winner got a whole minute of interviewing......and then Jr who finished out of the top five was on air for at least 3-4 minutes after the race. Nascar's diversity program should be with the fans.

    • Ill put it simple so u understand. U obviously dont know much about nascar! Ok so besides gordon , johnson, and maybe stewart who has won more? Answer know one so like first stated its all right to not like him but dont make up lies to cover yourself. Hes raced 2 races was best hendrick car at daytona and was running well before mears took him out last week so im confused as to where your data is coming from!!!


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