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  • I saw where someone else sent an e-mail to NASCAR about last nights joke. However, instead of an incoherent rant something like this will be much more effective:

    Sir or Madame,
    I must say that I am VERY disappointed in the way that NASCAR handled the fiasco that occured surrounding the Auto Club 500 in California. Good cars are wrecked because the race was started on a track that was not ready. However, the worst part of this fiasco has to be the total lack of regard for the fans. Not particularly the fans in the stands, but the national television viewing audience. While I appreciate your efforts to attempt to get any race in, some consideration has to be given to time zones. Your new marketing campaign of "Our NASCAR" is an effort to "reconnect" with your core fan base. Your actions last night show that you have absolutley NO REGARD for your core fan base. Who is your core fan base? Primarily, southeastern blue-collar workers that have to get up and return to work this morning. They can not stay up until 2 am to see IF a race might get restarted. Furthermore, it is enough insult to expect them stay up for a NIGHT race on the west coast that doesn't end until midnight or later eastern time if on schedule. If you truly want to reconnect with your CORE fan base you will take into consideration time zone differences and the fact that most of your core fans have to work when trying to decide to postpone a race and in future scheduling.

    I sent this to them a few minutes ago.

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