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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 18, 2008 10:25 PM Flag

    Tony Stewart is GAY

    Okay Mike S, lets see whats wrong with your post...

    1. Atleast Stewart didn't cry on the TV, and actually held in it, if he did cry anyway, unlike some other atheletes during an interview/a press confress (*COUGH* Terrell Owens *COUGH*). I bet you wouldn't be happy, like Stewart, after 9 previous hard tries of not winning the event that is missing off your resume, to lose the race on the backstretch, on the last lap, over a decision of what line to go with. Anyway, what does crying have to do with being gay.

    2. Okay, first off, he does have a girlfriend. Second, not being married or not having a girlfriend does not make a person gay, they're a virgin, which Stewart is not because he does have a girlfriend.

    3. First, having long hair does not someone gay. Alright, you say he has long hair like a girl, while the amount of people who have had, or have, long hair include Stacy Peralta (One of the original Z-Boys), Chris "Jericho" Irvine (WWE Superstar), Ken Stabler (Former NFL QuaterBack), and Ozzy Osbourne (Lead Singer for Black Sabbath), just to name a few.

    4. Driving a Toyota does not make someone gay. The only main difference a Toyota would have from a Chevy, a Dodge, or a Ford, if they were all made by the same team, would just be their engines.

    As a end result, all of your reasons, for saying Tony Stewart is gay, are false, and none of them prove that he is gay. Better luck next time.

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    • I'd never admit a gay man can drive better than me...... or that a gay man can drive better than 99% of the drivers in nascar (100%) at times. As far as the toyota thing goes..... its as american as any other. trust me, not a car is being made in Michigan. your american car companies that you have been supporting die hard for years pulled out and are screwing our nation. (thanks for NAFTA Pres. Clinton). You want someone to drive american? Maybe Saturn can come out with something. That'd be masculine. By the way, Tony does have a girlfriend and id cry if i lost to newmann too.

    • Maybe your just wishing he was so you would have have another reason to like him. He's what is known as a Competitor a Winner, a Champion. Because he has a deep desire to win and the talent and skills to do just that you can't stand it now can you. But there got to be something your good at besides making an ass out of yourself. Hey do you have a girlfriend or are you just waiting for the right GUY?? or do you touch yourself when you think of him??


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