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  • KillerToad KillerToad Feb 14, 2008 6:37 PM Flag

    Damn Shame

    I'm real happy that Dale Jarrett made it in for his last ever Daytona 500, but I really feel for Boris Said. Andretti took the last spot. Now he gets to finish last in the 500 while Said, a guy who could have actually done well on Sunday, has to sit at home.

    I don't know how they can fix this. I know the argument that if they stop letting the 35 top owners have an auto in, then teams like Hendricks and Childress will destroy the smaller guys in Q. But the way it is now, I don't know man. It just doesn't seem to be right. I mean come on, Kyle Petty? I know he's a nice guy but does he really deserve to get an automatic in due to owners points? Maybe they should cut it down to the top 20 cars or something, or 2 cars per team.

    Owners like Wood Bros have no shot the way it is now.

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