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    Sick of Normal Leagues Look here!!!

    Hello all and Thanks for reading my post. My League is in it's 3rd year and we have some openings this season to people who are ACTIVE and CHECK thier e-mails regularly. If this isn't you then please don't bother wasting my time or yours.

    Here's a copy of the League Rules:

    The League is set up in to 3 Regular Segments with each Segment consisting of 9 weeks each. The last 9 Week Segment will be "The Chase".

    Scoring goes like this;

    Every week with the exception of the Daytona 500 there will be a qualifying bonus. the 1st time you win a pole you will be awarded 25 Bonus points for each additional Pole you win you will receive 35 points. Yes if more than one team has the same high qualifying score they will each receive what respective points they have coming to them. This is score is determined by your rostered team for that week, NOT if you have the driver on your roster that wins the pole alone. To see weekly qualifying scores you can click the Weekly Performance link at the top of the league page before the race is actually scored by Yahoo for that week.

    Weekly race Winners are awarded 100 additional points to their weekly total again yes if there is a tie each team with the high score will be awarded the additional 100 points. There is no scale for Multi race winning weeks. If you win a week you AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY for "The Chase" at the end of the season. Again the weekly High Score ( Race Winner ) will be determined by Yahoo and is final.

    Example: Team Ballbusters had 18 qualifying points and had the high score of 332 for the week their weekly total would be 25 ( because this was their 1st pole ) + 100 ( high score for the week ) + 332 their weekly score on the Spreadsheets would be 450 points

    Segment qualifiers at the end of each 9 week Segment the top 5 will be placed in to "The Chase" this is NOT the top 5 according to the League Standings in Yahoo, this is the Top 5 according to the League Spread Sheets at the end of each segment. The exception to this rule will be at the end of the 3rd 9 week Segment if a team is in the top 3 overall of the League Standings according to Yahoo they will receive a spot in the chase. Due to their consistency.

    The Chase Scoring:
    Every team who wins a week will be given 10 points for every race won to start the chase. Each top 5 segment qualifier will be given the following points to start the chase

    50 points- 1st
    40 points- 2nd
    30 points- 3rd
    20 points- 4th
    10 points- 5th

    Example: Team Ballbusters won 3 races during the 3 segments and finished 1st in the second segment they would start the chase with 110 points. Every Team will start the chase with some points except if a team qualifies through a top 3 yahoo league entry.They start the chase with 0 points.

    It is very important to view the weekly spread sheets as they will be our leagues actual way the score is kept. As you have already seen I will be uploading them to view as a web page so everyone can see them in case they don't have Excel. SCORES WILL RESET TO ZERO AFTER EACH 9 WEEK SEGMENT. I think that's the long and short of it if I missed anything please let me know or if you're confused on how the scoring is done drop me an e-mail and I will try and clarify best I can.

    For a look at the Spread Sheets and how they are set up here�s a link to view them not all members are added yet but will be as soon as we fill the League we currently have 34 members so far



    e-mail inquiries to


    Thank You

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