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    Fantasy Baseball 2008


    Fantasy Baseball is only 1 month away. I've been running a baseball league for 3 years now called SB Baseball. Every year I select about 5 new managers for the upcoming season. If you are wondering where the other 5 managers go to make room for the 5 new managers coming in, they get sent down to a "AAA" league called SB Baseball AAA. This league is also a 20 team league that is almost filled up as well. So if you don't have much baseball experience you can join that league. If you have experience then a say join the majors SB Baseball league. The league has all your main and important catergories. Every manager in the league is active. We average about 2000 posts a season for baseball. There is lots of baseball talk, smack talk and even season predictions. In my leagues we also like to look professional so we use real MLB team names, with your street or city name infront of it. (An example of some of the teams in SB Baseball) Sweetbriar Blue Jays, Forest Hill Cubs, Village Cardinals. It's a lot of fun.

    I know it's early but if you are interested in joining SB Baseball, let me know. my emal is keithpvreinhart@hotmail.com. Or you can give me your imformation on here and I'll contact you about the league registration.

    Take care, Keith

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