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  • Jay Jay Jan 13, 2008 5:05 PM Flag

    New Leaue forming get in on the fun

    US Fantasy League aka USFL

    32 owners/ 2 conferences / 16 in each conference playing for a $100 - $160 prize.

    - Each member of the USFL will be required to have a
    city/mascot as their team name and will be put into the
    region they're located in.

    Western Conference

    Eastern Conference
    Great Lakes

    (Example of a city/mascot team name)
    New York Liberty
    Atlanta Peach
    Waco Calt
    Columbus Reds

    This will be used so your not facing a team called "I
    can't pass" or someother team of that nature.
    Basically to make this as real as possible.

    - 12 Week regular season

    Each Division is made up of 4 teams.

    6 division games
    (You will face each team in your division twice = 6 games)

    6 random games against the other division(s) of your conference.

    *in future years this will be based on records*


    I operate under the assumption that everybody in this league is an experienced owner and is capable of making decisions for themselves. We all know different owners value players and positions differently.

    -Starting Line-ups

    Each team's starting lineup will be made up from the
    following at each position:

    QB 1
    RB 1
    WR 2
    TE 1
    PK 1
    TM 1
    Flex 1
    The Flex position can either be a RB, WR or TE.

    There will be 18 players per roster.

    This is a point per reception league.

    The cost to play will be $10 of which will be used to pay for the league and the remaining funds will be distributed to the league champion and runner-up.

    e-mail me @marman0024@yahoo.com and put usfl in the title or send me a yim.


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