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  • ChromeHorn ChromeHorn Jan 12, 2008 8:32 PM Flag

    Chromehorn Survivors VI

    6th year elimination style group where ALL members ATTEND at least one Cup event this season.
    Armchair crewchiefs need not apply........ but if you're a serious fan that wants to be around other serious fans that actually attend races and possibly hook up with new friends at the track - this is the place. Scheduled gettogethers already planned for both races at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
    This is an ADULT group that may use adult language (within reason), made up of mostly oldschoolers (not too old), that supports our troops but doesn't necessarily support Toyota.......or Jeff Gordon........LOL
    Immunity from elimination for up to 2 races you attend, bonus immunity questions, and several opportunities to be UNeliminated .....from the group that doesn't give the boot to eliminees.
    The commish hates rules so there's only ONE !
    ALL members MUST attend at least one CUP event this season.
    Exceptions to the rule are active duty Military personell.
    All other "guidelines" will be posted on the group message board.
    group # 514
    pw; beepbeep


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