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  • victor victor Jan 12, 2008 8:24 AM Flag

    NASCAR Elimination League

    Rules are simple and easy, lowest score in EACH WEEK (Not lowest total score, but lowest weekly score) will be eliminated...If the TERMINATOR passes you you will be eliminated...In case of a tie all who tie will be eliminated...
    *The TERMINATOR will sit idol the first week and start only 2 drivers the second week...
    **The TERMINATORS line up will be whomever is the highest ranked, eligible, driver(s) in each catagory(A,B,& C ).

    At the end of 26 weeks all but the top 11 will be eliminated, thus creating our own "chase"...The weekly loser will be eliminated first, and then whomever is left until we reach 11.
    ***Rules are the same in the "chase", except that the TERMINATOR will not participate, and in the case of a tie or ties the player with the lowest total score will be eliminated...

    At the end of week 36 we will have 1 "last man standing"

    league ID= 5219
    password= gordon


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