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  • CWizzle CWizzle Aug 30, 2014 12:22 PM Flag

    Help me decide keepers??

    12 team h-2-h keeper league. Standard 9 category scoring system. I have a handful of keeper worthy players IMO, but most have their pros and cons... Here are my top choices, I have to keep 5.

    Mike Conley (plan on keeping)

    Paul George (planned on keeping, does future potential of top 5 player outweigh benching him for a year?)

    Andre Drummond (plan on keeping despite his horrible FT%)

    Dwight Howard (Everyone knows his pros and cons. A top center if punting FT%)

    Thaddeus Young (Was going to keep before the trade. Now I'm undecided)

    Brandon Jennings (Even with his bad FG%, my other keepers all have great FG% to offset it, but an O-rank of 91 and last year's ranking of 118 is discouraging. Although it will be hard to find a PG in the re-draft that will average about 2 3PTM, just over 7 1/2 assists and jsut under 1 1/2 steals per game).

    Also have Brandon Knight and John Henson.

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    • Oh Paul George. He's one my favorite players and was a lock for me to keep until his injury as well. A year to a year and a half is a long time to hold a player though, in my keep-3 league, he is (sadly) being tossed back in the pool. I'm not seeing enough elite talent here to sustain holding George that long and remaining competitive. I'd recommend letting him go, if your goal is to win it this year. Wishing PG-13 a full recovery and a return to the all-star level he was playing at.

      Conley, Howard, and Drummond are certain keepers here and have you locked into a punt FT% strategy. If you're letting let go of Paul George, that really only leaves Thad and Jennings. Knight and Henson play for the Bucks, so that alone makes me leery of them. Henson struggled to get consistent minutes with Ily playing poorly and Sanders out most of the season last year. If both are back at full health and Parker sees some minutes at PF, Henson may be the odd man out. Or he could be traded, or the Bucks could trade Ily, I have no idea what they're doing with that mess over there. You've already got a pretty solid base of boards and blocks, so I'd say Henson isn't worth the gamble. With Bayless, Wolters and Marshall all looking for PG minutes, Knight is in a timeshare situation at best. I expect both these Bucks will be available by the time your draft pick comes up, so not worth wasting a keeper spot on.

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      • I think I have to agree with Dillon. Conley, Howard, and Drummond are your keepers. PG-13 is not worth keeping this year, obviously, and who knows about next year. I don't see the other guys you list as keepers at all, so the 3 best players on your team is who you should start with for this year.

        Good luck.

      • Thanks Dillon, you are 1 of the few (besides me) that actually give your reasonings behind your opinions or suggestions. I don't always agree with you, but at least I see where you are coming from!
        If this were a keep 3 leaue I wouldn't really consider keeping PG13, but since it's a keep 5 I'm still considering it. I honestly have no clue with my keepers whether I'd be in the running for another championship, or a bottom of the barrel team. I've stopped guessing in this league. The 1 year I thought my team sucked I won it all, last year I thought I had a REALLY solid team and finished 5th out of 12.
        To me, stashing George on my bench for a year+ is worth it. Especially considering he was a top 6 prospect before the injury, and the injury seems to be basically just bone damage, not ligament or cartilege or tendons which would make me MUCH more leery, kind of like how I view Derrick Rose.
        Other than that I totally agree. Drummond and Howard are nice but it means I have to punt FT% which sucks.
        I'm currently leaning towards: Conley, Young, George, Drummond, Howard... Unless of course I can make some off season trades and try to get out of this punting FT% situation. I feel like I should be able to get a nice return for players like Jennings, Howard, George, Young etc, but so far, no luck.

    • I'd definitely keep Conley and Drummond. If Paul George returns as strong as before his unfortunate injury, he's worth keeping. But it's a risk... I would also keep Young. He will know have an elite pass-first PG to feed him and I think he will improve from last year. Then I would keep Howard as you have already Drummond and you'll be obviously punting FT%. Brandon Knight is good but he's not an elite PG in this league and will have more comptetiton this year with Augustin. Finally, I think Knight will lose his starting job to Marshall now Kidd runs the team and I don't believe in Henson.

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      • Thanks for your reply. I don't necessarily agree with everything you said, but that's exactly why I posted this here, to get different opinions to make me think outside of my own box.
        As of right now I'm leaning towards:
        Conley, George, Young, Drummond, Howard and hope I can draft a decent PG with my 1st pick.
        I disagree with you about Knight VS Marshall although I'm a huge Marshall fan! I love UNC and always cheer for former UNC players in the NBA (another reason I like Henson). But I just don't see him overtaking Knight after Knight had a mini- breakout year last season even if it was kind of a quiet one. But I definitely agree that the possibility is there.
        Not sure what's not to like about John Henson though. He only averaged 26 MPG last year, with his minutes fluctuating and the team a mess, I'm acutally surprised he didn't do worse. It's hard for someone to have consistent stats with an inconsistent team role. Now, he's put on more weight/muscle and is a year more experienced. I don't think barroom brawler Sanders is going to come in and make Henson totally obsolete.... I'm not saying he's keeper material, just saying that I DO believe in him, but i respect your opinion against him. Keep in mind though, last season's per 36 minute stats were pretty impressive: 54% FG's, an admittedly horrible 51% FT's, 15PTS, 9.6 REBS, 2.2 ASTS, 0.8 STLS and 2.3 BLKS.... If you take out the bad FT% those numbers are almost identical to the actual averages of Serge Ibaka last year. Obviously per36's don't always translate but it's a good reference for overall potential.

      • "now" not know
        "Brandon Jennings" not Brandon Knight
        Sorry for my mistakes ;-)


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