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  • JAH JAH Jul 26, 2014 8:32 AM Flag

    Need Help With Keepers

    10 team, H-H League
    5 Keepers per team

    3PTM, 3PT%, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK

    Interesting cats, no doubt. I took over this team with about 1 month left in the regular season. Went into full tank mode, acquiring as many keeper potential guys I could. I landed the top pick in the draft and 9 top 50 guys in ESPNs early ranking list. Now I have to figure out who to keep.

    My options -
    Ryan Anderson
    Nicolas Batum
    Eric Bledsoe
    Al Horford
    Kawhi Leonard
    Brook Lopez
    Kyle Lowry
    Paul Milsap
    Nikola Vucevic
    Thaddeus Young

    With the custom scoring guys like Vucevic and Lopez don't hold keeper value. However, guys like Anderson jump into the keeper list. I don't really envision too many teams passing on Lopez/Vucevic as keepers if they had them. So, I can look to do some 2 or 3 for 1s. A few owners with only 3 or 4 options.

    Guy with Paul George only has 4 keepers
    Guy with James Harden only has 3 keepers
    Guy with Stephen Curry only has 3, maybe 4, keepers

    Obviously, guys with high value in standard leagues, that shoot a lot of 3PTs are kings. Curry was easily the #1 player last year. Big men that hit 3 PTs (Bosh, Milsap, Love) are all big players too.

    My best guys right now are Lowry, Milsap, Batum, and Bledsoe. I can look to deal any and all of the guys after them. Would Leonard/Horford be enough to get any of these guys? Or Leonard/Horford/Bledsoe?

    Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated... Thanks.

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    • I've never played with those type of categories, but I would assume that Kyle Lowry would be your most valuable player ( I know you said Millsap was on your comment, but the way I look at it, Lowry has MUCH more value). He had 2.4 3PTM last year compared to Millsap's 1. He also shot the 3 at 38%, which is better than Millsap's lower %/ lower volume shooting. He also had a total of 31.7 combined points when you add up all other categories. Millsap did a little better with a combined total of 32.3. But that was without Al Horford, and basically nobody competing with him for minutes. With a healthy Horford who is a 1st/2nd round value by himself, and someone like Adrienne Payne to at least compete for rotational minutes, I see Millsap's overall value dropping SLIGHTLY this season. Not drastically, but I do see it going down, while Lowry's should stay the same IMO. He wanted to be in Toronto, and his only competitors (Vasquez and Lou-Will) can both play off the ball. I know that MIllsap did have the highly coveted 1/1/1 with 3's, steals an blocks, but I still think Lowry will have more overall value this season.
      Anyway, that was off topic and didn't answer your question. I just recently got back into the fantasy b-ball mode and wanted to share my $0.02.... Will reply again soon with my actual opinion on who to keep lol.

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      • OK, so, if I were to keep 5 of your current players and not make any trades I would keep:
        Kyle Lowry, Nicolas Batum, Paul Millsap, Ryan Anderson and Eric Bledsoe.
        Although I do have concerns about some of them. I already talked about Millsap but still think even with a dip in production he's worth keeping. Anderson I'm concerned with because of his injury and time off. Not sure if he'll come back 100% from day 1, or will take time to get back into it? Also, with Asik taking most of the center minutes and Davis taking most of the PF minutes, I'd be worried about Anderson's playing time taking a slight dip. He'll still get minutes, probably at both F positions, but he could very well be closer to the 28-30 MPG mark, than the 36MPG mark. I also know there were "rumors" of N.O. shopping him in trade talks before the draft. If they are still trying to trade him, that could effect his fantasy value 1 way or the other?
        I REALLY like Horford and think he'll be great this year but with no 3 point shot and no % categories to increase his value, I think his value takes a few rounds of a hit in your league, making him expendable IMO. Same with Vucevic and Lopez.
        Kawhi and Thad are big ?'s for me. In this league I don't think I'd take Kawhi because his %'s and low TO's don't boost his value. BUT he could have an increased role and still is a great overall player with nice 3 PT %, so that's a tough call.
        Thad had great stats on a horrible team last year. His increased 3 point shooting really took him up a level in value. I'm a BIG fan of him in real life, but if he goes to Minnesota he just won't have the same value. Having Rubio, Martin, Wiggins and Pekovic on the court with you is a little different than MCW and D-leaguers.

        As far as trading goes, depending on the strategy and needs of the other managers, some combo of 2 or 3 of the guys you don't plan on keeping would be extremely fair value for someone trying to trade a stud for depth. Good luck!

    • Picking from your list - Batum, Horford, Leonard, Lowry, and Anderson.

      Depending on your risk tolerance and time frame, go trade for Paul George. You're thought process seems good. You have a bunch of so-so keepers, go get some surefire stars. Start you trades with offering Milsap.


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