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  • Chuck Chuck Jun 25, 2014 3:53 PM Flag

    Dynasty Question.

    I am in a 12 team dynasty league. I need to pick 2 players to drop so I can draft from the rookie pool this year. I have a good idea who I will drop but wanted other opinions. Which 2 would you drop?
    (Not in any particular order)

    Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Carmelo Anthony

    Trevor Ariza

    DeMarre Carroll

    Jamal Crawford

    Goran Dragic

    Marc Gasol

    Gerald Green

    Tim Hardaway Jr.

    David Lee

    Kendall Marshall

    Tony Parker

    Nikola Pekovic

    Terrence Ross

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    • I'd probably drop Marshall and Ross. Ross is the most expendable to me, since he's basically a 3 point specialist with a pretty bad FG%. You can find someone else that can get you 3's very easily. But Ross doesn't do enough else to be worth owning IMO. If he could up his peripherals like PTS,REBS, ASTS or get over 1 steal per game, or up his FG% into the 45 range then it would be adifferent story. But that's a lot to have to go right before I'd consider owning him in a 12 team league unless it was a last resort. But looking at your roster it makes even less sense to keep him since you'll have plenty of 3 point shooters like Melo, Ariza, Green, Hardway, J-cross, Carroll and Dragic even.

      I'd go with Marshall as your other drop, mainly because I don't see him duplicating his numbers from last year with the Lakers again in Milwaukee. They have Brandon Knight who will either start at PG over Marshall, or maybe at SG with Marshall starting. But even in that scenario, Knight and Parker will want the ball in their hands a lot, cutting down on Marshall's possession time, and therefore his opportunity for 3's and assists. And if Kidd is serious about giving Giannis run at PG, that will hurt Marshall even more. I doubt that will happen, but I won't put anything past Kidd, he's a moron.
      IMO there is still a chance that Marshall will have fantasy success, but that chance isn't high enough for me to keep him over guys like Green, Carroll or Giannis.
      Just my opinion though. Who knows? Maybe Antetkounmpo will be a big bust this year and Marshall will average 2 3's and 11 assists per game lol.

    • I'd drop Marshall and Green.

      However, be mindful of where you're drafting....dropping Green or Ross for a pick outside the top 5 isn't worth it. Better to trade for the rookie(s) you believe in during the season during an inevitable downswing.

    • if I were dropping two, I would cut Kendall Marshall and Terrence Ross. But, I would definitely check the player rankings that come out in early oct to see which two are the lowest ranked. I would also look for the depth charts at the start of the season to see which two will get the least playing time


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