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    End Of Season Awards

    Here are some categories of end of season fantasy awards that I stole from Rotoworld and then put in my 2 cents... Nearly every category had more than 1 legit player I could have picked, so I won't be surprised if people disagree with a lot of this, but these were just my opinions, for the 3 people who are actually still on here and will read this, this time of year lol. But if you do read this, feel free to voice your picks...

    Fantasy MVP: Kevin Durant (Not even close)

    All Fantasy 1st Team:
    PG: Chris Paul
    SG: Steph Curry
    SF: Kevin Durant
    PF: Kevin Love
    C: Anthony Davis
    (I used Curry's SG eligibility to my advantage on this one. Most people had Curry as PG here, and Harden as SG, but I like the CP3/Curry combo better personally).

    All Fantasy 2nd Team:
    PG: Kyle Lowry (Just beats out Wall for me, mainly because of the 3's)
    SG: James Harden (Very well could have been 1st team also)
    SF: Lebron James (1st half struggles only reason he's not on 1st team)
    PF: Carmelo Anthony (personally I hate him, but can't deny his fantasy relevance)
    C: Serge Ibaka (Could have gone with Dirk, but I had Ibaka on a lot of my teams)

    Best Waiver Wire pick up:
    Jodie Meeks (He ended the season with top 40 value, and unlike the other possibilities (Ariza, T-Jones, IT2 etc) Meeks was the only player who wasn't actually drafted in my competitive leagues. All the other great FA pickups were actually drafted in all my leagues to begin with, mostly in the last round or 2.

    Most Improved Player:
    Lance Stephenson (I was going to pick Jordan Crawford before the trade)
    Honorable mentions to a lot of guys, some of which already had a lot of talent, but still improved a lot:
    Blake Griffin
    Gerald Green
    Deandre Jordan
    Anthony Davis
    Demar DeRozan
    Terrence Jones
    Demarcus Cousins
    Jodie Meeks

    Fantasy Rookie Of The Year:
    Victor Oladipo (MC-W was the popular choice, mainly because of the MPG difference, but in his time on the court, Oladipo was the better overall player.)

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    • He isn't a major player and gets little attention, but I gotta give Robin Lopez some credit as one of the better free agent pickups as well as one of the more improved players this season. He played solid all season, and was mostly ignored til the last few weeks of the season by most people. Great percentages, solid blocks and boards with a smattering of steals and points. Good FT% and blocks is a rare combo.

    • Fantasy Coach Of The Year:
      Terry Slotts (I had him last year too, gotta love the starting 5's fantasy consistency)

      NBA Coach Of The Year:
      Tie: Greg Popovich and Doc Rivers (Pop was tremendous as always, Doc turned his team into legit contenders)

      Fantasy Injury Of The Year:
      Al Horford (Chose him over Rose or Kobe just because I already had them on my stay away from list, and Horford was playing at a 1st round level before his injury)

      Most Annoying (healthy) player to own:
      Mr Trick or Treat, Jeff Green. As a Celtics fan all I can say is, C'MON MAN!!

      Most Annoying (injured) player to own:
      Jrue Holiday (Mainly because of the lack of updates. Kept holding and holding and holding, and then BOOM he's out for the season)

      Most Annoying Super Star to own:
      1st Half: Lebron
      2nd Half: George

      No. 1 on Never draft list:
      Kobe Bryant (although the other top options for this category are also on my list)

      Biggest Nice Surpise:
      Blake's FT% increase.... The development of both D. Jordan and Lowry. Kings finally trusting IT2 as true starter.

      Biggest Disappointing Surprise:
      Derrick Rose (He had his injury concerns, but looked SO good before the season started)

      Next Year Watch List:
      Rookies. It's the year of the summer for the NBA.

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      • I dont have any beef with your rankings. They are pretty spot on in fact. I will just throw in my $0.02 on some alternate candidates for your list.

        Best Waiver Wire pick up: Demarre Carroll

        Most Annoying (healthy) player to own: Roy Hibbert.

        Most Annoying (injured) player to own: Larry Sanders. Whereas Holidays mess was the second half of the year, Sanders drama nearly encompassed the entire year.

        No. 1 on Never draft list: Derrick Rose. Although I wouldnt draft Kobe either, Id never bet against the most driven player in the game. I guess I kinda am betting against him by not picking him, but he has a much better chance at being an impact player again than Rose imo. I hope Rose can be Rose again, though.

        Biggest Nice Surpise: For me, it was the 12th pick in the first round for one of my teams, Anthony Davis. He put a smile on your face each day after checking the box score. His one week absence probably cost me the difference in playing for 3rd instead of 1st, but, boy, was the rest of the season spectacular.

        Biggest Disappointing Surprise: Yes, this has to go to an injured player but as for a healthy player, I will go with Jonas Val. This was supposed to be a big year for him, but mostly turned out to be dissapointing.

        Next Year Watch List: It is always fun to see the new stars of The NBA, but I guess Im a sentimental guy. For me, the next year will be about rooting and hoping for Kobe, Rose and Nash to make a triumphant return. Im not too hopeful on Nash and a bit on Rose, but I hope Im wrong. Itd be a sad ending to their NBA careers.


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