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  • CWizzle CWizzle Apr 13, 2014 6:39 PM Flag

    Kevin Martin VS Kyle Korver for keeper

    If you had to choose 1 of these 2 players as a keeper, which one would you go with, and why? Martin's current injury doesn't scare me, but his injury history does. And when healthy Korver has been a beast this year, just not sure if he'll be able to keep a top 30 value next season, especially if the Hawks make a decent move this summer?
    Going strictly by ranking Korver is the guy, but I'm up in the air.
    I actually kept Korver in this league last year as my 5th keeper and everyone laughed at me, but I was VERY happy with his value this season. Great %'s, GREAT 3's and just enough pts,rebs,asts,stls and blks with low TO's to keep his value up.
    my other keepers are:
    Goran Dragic, Wessley Matthews, Blake Griffin and Serge Ibaka... Hoping to draft a PG with my 1st pick in the re-draft.

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    • If you don't have to keep 5 I'd pass on both and take best player available in that 5th round. There's a good chance both of these guys would still be available and possibly someone better.

      If I have to take one, I'd go with Korver. He's generally undervalued by people,and like you said pulls in consistent threes and contributes enough everywhere else to be more likely to return solid value again next season. Maritn is made of glass, but is good at threes, FT% and decent in points and steals. I've just never been a big fan of Martin and he seems like he's on the decline at this point.If he can't take bumps in the lane to get to the line cause he's wearing out his body, then he won't be much of a commodity for fantasy ball. Korver's playing style is less taxing on his body, so he stands a better chance of staying off the IR list.

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      • Also just for a little more info, this is a 16 team h-2-h 9 category league, not a 12 team which makes SOME difference. 80 players will be kept instead of 60.

      • Thanks Dillon. I end up reading most of your posts on here and most of the time we are in agreement. Sometimes I disagree with you, but at least we both back our opinions up with good insight. In this case, I totally agree with you. Martin just has not proven that he can stay healthy. And it will always be a risk going with him. But in that same sense, it wasn't too long ago that Steph Curry was a HUGE injury risk and nobody trusted him, and now he's put up 2 solid seasons in a row with phenomenal value. Obviously Curry's ceiling was always much higher than Martin's but my point is, you never know how players will come back after injuries.
        In this league we HAVE to keep 5. So at this point I think I'll take Korver over Martin. Like you said Martin is good for 3's, scoring and FT%, but so is Korver, and Korver usually has better other stats. I've been trying like hell to package Martin and Korver together for someone different, but people are VERY hesitant to trade in this league this time of year, especially when they'd be trading a solid keeper for 2 players that are both keeper possibilities but not necessarily MUST keep guys. For example, I sent an offer of Korver and Martin for Chandler Parsons. I like Parsons' overall game and his SF/PF eligibility and the fact he has had success even when playing with guys like Harden and Howard. But no luck with that offer.
        I'm almost tempted to take a big risk and make an offer to the owner of Nerlens Noel and keep him as my 5th, and then shoot for the best SG/SF in my 1st round of the re-draft. But I notices you've also responded to my post about him, so I'll go check out what your thoughts on him were.
        Thanks, and if you read this and have time and feel like it, feel free to give some examples of specific players you would send trade offers to for an upgraded keeper over Korver or Martin. I would be willing to trade Korver, Martin, Jamal Crawford and DJ Augustin in any trade but obviously some aren't keeper worthy


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