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  • Steve Steve Apr 7, 2014 8:10 PM Flag

    Another basketball fantasy season done

    Just for fun, lets look ahead to next year. You have a 50/50 shot at getting a 1-6 player, so how are you ranking 1-6? Lets not go the you're crazy for not putting this guy here and that guy there route. I know this can be a goes-without-saying kinda thing, but lets see what you got. Share who youre targeting in later rounds if you want. My rankings 1. Durant, 2. Anthony Davis, 3. Lebron, 4. Curry, 5. Paul, 6. Love. Anyone think that Deandre and Drummond move into the first round?

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    • You're CRAZY for having Davis higher than LeBron!!!! LOL, juuust kidding. Your list is actually identical to mine, but I also feel like Curry and Paul could just as easily be swapped, and wouldn't think anyone is crazy at all if they drafted Love over Curry or Paul if they prefer to build their team around a Big. I like to try to build my team around high assist PG's who can hit the 3 so I'd take Curry. But I like Davis over Lebron next year, if just barely.
      On a side note, I feel like Paul George's somewhat disappointing end to this season will negatively effect his draft stock a little, but wouldn't be surprised if he comes back as hot as ever next season. I don't think he'll drop to the 4th round or anything, but a late 1st/VERY early 2nd round pick instead of a mid 1st round wouldn't surprise me. (I wouldn't let him slip that far, but I bet he might in some leagues).
      Any thoughts on who will make the biggest jump up from where they where drafted this year to where they will be drafted next season? Off the top of my head I'd say Isaiah Thomas has to be at or near the top of that list. He was drafted, on average, in the early 12th round this year. But will likely be 1 of the first 10 PGs drafted next season. Besides CP3, Curry, Wall, Westbrook, Lowry and Lillard I don't see anyone who is an OBVIOUS better choice. I'd rather have IT2 than Kyrie! I could understand arguments for guys like Bledsoe, Dragic, Conley or Lawson but I'm sure he'll be at LEAST in their range.

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      • Isaiah Thomas should have the largest or second largest jump in fantasy basketball next season. It depends on how people are going to build their team I guess. My bet is for DeAndre Jordan making a bigger jump but time will tell. Some people are dead against throwing a category like Jordan will for your free throws, but I dont mind going 0-23 for the year in fts so Im looking to get DeAndre as well as Andre Drummond who I think will see the 3rd largest jump in draft status. Heck, I might as well get Dwight as well who stinks up fts as well. I think Dwight should see a bump next fantasy season from the 40-something rank he was this year. Maybe 28-34. Some other guys who should have higher rankings next year, but of course nowhere near the jumps of the first 3 I mentioned, are Gordon Hayward, MCW, Kendall Marshall, PJ Tucker, Victor Oladipo and Kyle Lowry. Im not a fan of Kyrie either. Could it be the Dook/Carolina thang. Naw. I just dont think hes worth a 1st or 2nd pick.

    • similar for me too: 1 Durant 2 LeBron 3 davis 4 curry 5 paul

    • my top six for next season is 1.Durant, 2.Lebron, 3.Davis, 4.Love, 5.Curry, 6. CP3. no way DeAndre and Drummond should be taken in the 1st round. I'd probably grab them in the 3rd-4th round and thats only if you plan on punting freethrow %


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