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    pick 5 roto league


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    • I'd go with LeBron, George, Horford, Leonard and Dirk. That's a solid all around group of front court/wing players that get a little bit of everything. With that core you don't need a stud all-around point guard. Chances are Parker and Teague may still be on the board when it comes time to redraft the rest of your team. None of those other guys would be there for you if you're picking in a later spot.

    • LeBron, George, Horford are no brainers. I'd also add Leonard because of his mix of current skill, youth and upside. So that leaves Parker, Dirk or Teague. I'd 1st rule out Parker. He's only ranked 138th on the season by Yahoo this year, he sometimes gets rested right at the wrong times in fantasy leagues, and at 32 years old he is entering the twilight of his career, where most players have a slow decline and only some keep up their production levels.
      So that leaves either Dirk or Teague. Tough call. Dirk is even older than Parker, and definitely only has a couple years left in the tank, but unlike Parker, he's put up top 10 value on the season, and that is hard to pass up, even if it's only going to be for 1 or 2 more seasons. BUT, for me personally I'd rather take the younger guy in Jeff Teague. He's definitely had his ups and downs, but at least he's giving near top 75 value in return, and is only 26 years old. I think he has a chance to improve his value in the future, and even if it stays the same, I think I'd rather have a top 75 talent for 8 years than a top 10 talent for 1 year. But that's just me, others would argue keeping Dirk til the wheels fall off is the way to go.
      But for me I'd take:
      And then take the best available PG or C in the re-draft, depending on how you want to build your team.

    • Lebron, George, Horford, Leonard, and Dirk (robs want to pick a point guard by I think Lebron, George and Leonard are too good to not keep.


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