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  • John John Apr 2, 2014 9:01 PM Flag

    Everyone's fantasy MVP???

    Based on value (draft position, or FA pickup) who on your team has contributed or made the biggest difference on your team? For example, in my 10 team 8 cat h2h league, I was able to snag DeMar DeRozan in the 11th round. How about everyone else?

    Let's keep this at a 8 team league minimum.

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    • I got Isaiah Thomas in the 9th round and picked up Lance Stephenson from FA

    • 12 team h-2-h 9 category non-keeper league, I snagged Isaiah Thomas with the 12th pick of the 11th round!! I've had some other nice players, but nobody has a better value/draft position ratio as that for me. Especially considering I took a big risk and drafted Alex Len in the round before that, what a mistake!
      I also feel like taking Kyle Korver with the 12th pick of round 9 and Andre Drummond 1st pick of round 7 was very good value too since they have both been right around top 30 value all year.
      But I was also lucky enough to have Anthony Davis fall to me with the 12th pick in 1st round. I made some nice trades and FA pickups in this league, but mainly I just got really lucky in the draft:
      RD 1: Anthony Davis (12th pick)
      RD 2: John Wall (1st pick)
      RD 3: Ty Lason (12th pick)
      RD 4: Derrick Favors (1st pick)
      RD 5: Bradley Beal (12th pick)
      RD 6: Gordon Hayward (1st pick)
      RD 7: Kevin Martin (12th pick)
      RD 8: Andre Drummond (1st pick)
      RD 9: Kyle Korver (12th pick)

      So unlike most of my teams through out the year, I have to look all the way to my 10th round of drafting before I find a player I drafted who isn't still on my team. My 1st 9 picks stayed on my roster from day 1 until now, where I'm winning 6-2 in my semi-finals match up.

      Just pointing this all out (not to brag, it's not anywhere near a best team ever or anything) but just because it's very rare for me personally to have a winning team straight out of the draft. I usually take a lot of chances, and when things don't work out, make trades and other moves to compete. This team worked out for me from the get go. Luckily, because all my other teams were MUCH more work!! lol

    • Deandre as my last pick as well, picking up ariza and Stephenson off the fa pool. Durant and love overall mvps tho

    • Ariza. I picked up him off FA pool.

    • not really mvp but

      hawes and deandre with my 2 out 3 last pick in 12 team league


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