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  • CWizzle CWizzle Mar 19, 2014 11:56 AM Flag

    Pick 5 keepers for 12 team league

    Just made a post about keepers in 1 of my deeper leagues, but I also have to decide on 5 keepers for 1 of my 12 team 9 category h-2-h leagues.
    Here are the options:
    Mike Conley (PG) (Very solid, need at least 1 PG, likely keeper)

    Brandon Jennings (PG) (50/50 whether I should keep or not. High potential, HUGE disappointment)
    Kyle Korver (SG,SF) (WAY more value than Jennings, but 1/3rd of the name value)

    Paul George (SG,SF) (no brainer)

    Thaddeus Young (SF,PF) (worried he'll fall off when team gets more talent, but unlikely by next year?)

    Andre Drummond (PF,C) (Despite his FT%, still top 30 value this year, 99.9% sure I'm keeping)

    Dwight Howard (PF,C) (Bad ranking, still hard to give up on)

    Ryan Anderson (PF,C) (Top 20 player when healthy, outlook next season uncertain)

    Brandon Knight (PG,SG) (actually outranks Jennings this season, and has SG eligibility)

    Conley, George, Drummond, Thad, Howard (hope for a PG in the 1st round of the re-draft)
    Conley, Jennings, George, Drummond Howard (hope Jennings doesn't play at a 175 level all next year)
    Conley Jennings, George, Thad, Drummond (Give up on Howard)

    Those are the top 3 combos I was thinking of, but it's pretty hard lol.

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    • OK, new update. It seems like everyone that took the time to answer seemed to think:
      Conley, George, Thad, Drummond, Howard was the best combo.
      What would you think of this instead?
      Conley, Lowry, George, Drummond, Howard
      Basically replacing Thaddeus Young with Kyle Lowry? Another manager has been trying to get Thad from me for 2+ years now, and I think I can trade him Young, or package Young with another player I'm not keeping for Lowry.
      I like having 2 PG's to start with, in case everyone scoops up the best available PG's in the redraft, but with Thad's emergence and addition of a 3 PT shot, I'm not so sure.

    • 1st combo

    • I'd go with your first combo. Conley, George, Drummond, thad and Howard. I figure since you're already keeping drummond then might as well keep Howard and solidify the C position. I'd just punt Ft% and hope for a PG in the 1st round.

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      • Thanks for your response Dave. I'm leaning towards that combo of 5 as of right now. But it's just hard to let guys like Brandon Jennings and Ryan Anderson go. If Jennings increased his FG% even a little bit or if the main 4 guys in Detroit get broken up over the summer (Jennings, Smith, Monroe, Drummond) which I think is very likely to happen after this year didn't really work out, then I think Jenning's value would increase too. It would just suck to let him go and then have him go off and be a top 30 player next year. And with Anderson, I can almost guarantee that if I keep him he'll have injury troubles next year and be a flop, but if I don't keep him he'll be 100% healthy and be a top 20 player lol. Just my luck.
        Last year I ended up letting Goran Dragic go back into the re-draft because I was worried Bledsoe would negatively effect his value. Ended up getting Jennings with my 1st pick instead, and that didn't work out too well lol. I think the difference between me having Jennings or Dragic may have been the difference between me ending the regular season in 3rd like I'm going to, or higher if I had the Dragon.
        But you live and learn!


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