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  • David Vest David Vest Feb 28, 2014 2:45 PM Flag

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    12 team cat 9 h2h daily! Sully or Mozgov? Mozgov decent shooting %'s,blks and decent RB's. Sully is more RB's,points and and a few other things aren't to bad! Mozgov 4-3-4 for playoffs and sully 3-3-4!

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    • Sullinger has proven to be more consistent this season, when healthy of course. King thinks neither of them are great, but Sullinger most definitely has value in 12 team leagues, and if Mozgov gets consistent minutes he could too. Making a quick decision and moving on, not taking things seriously if they aren't superstars is how you lose. I don't think I would take King's advice on this one. In a way I agree with him that some decisions you just have to make on your own, or else what's the point? But he seems to have it out for you personally on here, I don't get that.
      Back to the question, I'd take Sullinger over Mozgov for sure. He can hit 3's is more consistent with his scoring and rebounding, and has even shown that he can block some shots recently. He'll never be a prolific shot blocker like Ibaka, but his 1.5 per contest over the last month is promising. If he could average close to 1 3 and 1 block per game along with double double-like numbers that'd be very useful in 12 team leagues.
      1 of Sully's biggest disappointments this season was his bad FG% for a stretch, but that was due to his hand injury. When 100% healthy he doesn't hurt you in either % category.
      I like Mozgov but I just don't think he'll be consistent enough to rely on. And if Mozgov having 1 more game in week 1 of fantasy playoffs over Sullinger is a difference maker, then you are screwed anyways! Depending on Mozgov's stats for 4 games to bring you over the hump is a bad idea. Your season should not be made or broken by 1 game from TinaFey!

    • Neither of them are that great, so just pick one and move on. You shouldn't need help on every little move.


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