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  • David Vest David Vest Feb 27, 2014 7:54 PM Flag

    Sullinger vs. Henson

    12 team cat 9 daily h2h! Sully was dropped when injured and is still an FA! News was he was practicing today and nearing return but needs to pass concussion protocols 1st. Any feedback on dropping Henson for sully. Looking like Henson will be stuck in the 23-30 min. range, under L.Drew, with the 30 mins. being very very generous!

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    • Henson is disappearing tonight, Sully is a double double threat every night, but doesnt block, if u dont need blocks then Sully, if u do need blocks, i guess patience is a virtue with Henson (even tho its almost playoff time haha)

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      • Sullinger is not a prolific shot blocker and never will be, especially compared to Henson, but if you have been watching him at all you will have noticed that lately he has become a MUCH better shot blocker. It is easy to see when watching, and looking at his stats, he is averaging 1.5 per game over the last month. Just wanted to throw that out there. Saying he "doesn't block" isn't exactly true, he is definitely not a big time shot blocker, but 1.5 per contest is not too shabby, especially when you can also hit the 3 ball.

      • Just getting sick of this #$%$! Glad baseball is starting soon. You have ZaZa starting and doing BS every game and Henson,1000 times better,sitting on 24 mins. a game. And your right Playoffs are looming and I have to deal with this bull every week. As to blocks I don't think JH even had one last game!

    • Sullinger is come and go when it comes to good games. On the other hand, Henson has been underwhelming since Larry Sanders went down again. I dont know if thats the Larry Drew factor or not. No blocks from Sully, obviously, but alot of times you get some other goodies so Id roll with Sully.


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