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  • Jesse Jesse Feb 26, 2014 2:22 AM Flag

    Drop wilson chandler?

    Hes in a bit of a slump right now and should get out of it but theres a couple waiver wire potentials....

    OJ mayo and danny green are both available

    Im looking for 3's FG% and blks.... what do you think?


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    • First of all, before I forget, you have to take into consideration the impending return of Kawhi Leonard when thinking about Danny Green's value.
      But as far as dropping Chandler I think it comes down to what you were expecting from him. If you took him with the notion that he'd hit 3's but also give you better than average steals and blocks, it is probably time to move on. But if you were just banking on the decent scoring and good 3's he's probably worth holding onto. If you check out his game log, he has been struggling with the defensive stats MUCH longer than just his latest shooting slump. And without those, there isn't much to fall back on when he goes into shooting slumps. With Danny Green, even when he is struggling offensively he is still usually good for close to a 1-1-1. 1 3, steal and block per game. That can make the difference between 2 players struggling with their shot. And although Kawhi is coming back soon, I still think Green should be able to stay close to that 1-1-1 mark with low end double digit scoring on average and the occasional phenomenal night where he goes off for 20+ points or 5 3PTM.
      If you are looking mainly for 3's, FG% and blocks you can immediately rule out OJ Mayo since he absolutely sucks in 2 out of those 3 categories and has been very inconsistent everywhere else all year.
      I'd tend to lean towards Danny Green even with Kawhi coming back, but Chandler will likely break out of his shooting slump soon and when that happens he'll probably be more consistent in scoring, but I still think Green will have the better overall numbers. Personally I'd rather take a guy scoring only 10 points if it comes with decent 3's, steals, blocks and rebounds, over a guy who scores 20 points with little else.

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      • I got Wilson too. I was thinking of dropping him for Tony Wroten bc I think he will be getting the sg tag added soon. Bc Wilson is strugglin right now but I wouldn't drop Wilson for none of those dudes but OJ in my opinion has the most potential to get better numbers especially if Danny Granger signs as a free agent with the Spurs.

    • Jesse: I own Chandler but Green is taken and mayo is FA. WC can be a pain in the butt and is in a funk right now. But I would not take Mayo but I might consider Green if he was a FA! Especially for what you need,which are cat's grren usually does well in!

    • maybe green, not mayo tho


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