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  • Jin Jin Feb 25, 2014 9:00 AM Flag

    Ranking All Players Fantasy Wise By Position

    Hey, I'm compiling a list for top players at each position and would like some ideas or feedback based off their fantasy value and production. Feel free to change the list too.

    Point Guards (Top Tier) Steph Curry, Chris Paul, John Wall
    (Middle Tier): Kyrie, Lawson, Lillard, Rubio, Conley, Walker, Westbrook, Dragic, Lowry, Rondo
    (Lower Tier): Ellis, Jennings, Bledsoe (INJ), Teague, Holiday (INJ), Thomas, Teague, MCW
    (4th Point Guards): Deron, Calderon, Hill, Oladipo, Burke

    Shooting Guard (Top Tier): Harden, Derozen
    Second Tier: Batum, Thomspon, Afflalo, Ariza, Matthews, Martin, Stephenson
    Third Tier: Wade, Hayward, Redick, Crawford, Beal, Chandler

    Small Forward (Top Tier): Durant, Lebron, Carmelo, George
    Second Tier: Young, Parsons, Leonard, Korver, Carroll, Green
    (Some Shooting Guards Can Be Here)

    Power Forward/Center: (Top Tier) Davis, Love, Aldridge, Nowitzki, Ibaka, Bosh, Jefferson, Cousins, Griffin
    (Second Tier): Drummond, Smith, Monroe, Noah, Gasol's, Lee, Millsap, Vucevic, Jordan, Pek, Favors

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    • This depends on what your criteria is. If you are basing it off of standard 9 category h-2-h leagues then a lot of your rankings are pretty far off! There is no way in Hell that Greg Monroe who is currently ranked 128th by yahoo is a 2nd tear fantasy PF/C. ANd if he is you have to add Dwight Howard to that list.
      Demarre Carroll has no place on that list.
      Also there is no practical reason for Isaiah Thomas (currently ranked 22nd by yahoo) to be a "Lower Tier" PG but John Wall (currently ranked 19th) to be in the top tier. If you think there are 2 tiers of difference in their value you are mistaken.
      These are just a few of the anomalies your list has if you are basing it on anything more than subjectivity.
      Honestly there is nothing wrong with making a subjective list. But if you are making a list ranking fantasy players based on their value you have to be more than subjective. You need to at least consult the numbers. You can look at the number and then change a value based on some other outside factors, but you can't just ignore them all together.


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