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  • CWizzle CWizzle Feb 22, 2014 12:54 PM Flag

    Farmar VS Wroten in Dynasty league

    Thinking about the future, 18 team h-2-h dynasty league, who would you rather have? Jordan Farmar, or Tony Wroten?

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    • Thanks for the replies guys. You bring up very good points. My only hesitation is that even in big minutes, or with a big usage rate, Wroten has some big deficiencies in his game. He has never had double digit #$%$ists, and I think has only had 6 or more 3 times this season. He also brings you down in both % categories and can also rack up the TO's in a short amount of time. Now, I know he's young and can improve in most if not all of those categories. BUT I think as long as he's the 6th man in Phili, his potential is capped. And with MC-W I don't see Wroten becoming a starting PG anytime soon, but with his skill and relatively cheap contract, I don't see Phili going out of their way to get rid of him either, meaning he'll keep his current role for a while (I'm guessing).
      Even if he gets more opportunity, that ugly #$%$ FT shooting hurts coming from a guard.
      Whereas Jordan Farmar is older and has been injury prone in the past. He also doesn't have great career numbers but if you look, he's never played more than 24 MPG, and in that season he put up a respectable 10 pts, 5 #$%$ists 1.5 3's and just under 1 steal per game. And you have to respect his Per-36 averages from this year of 15 points, 5 rebs, 8 asts, over 1 steal and over 2 3's per game.

      I'm not arguing with you guys at all, just trying to think out loud. There seem to be pluses, minuses and risks for each guy. I'll probably just go with my gut, which is Wroten for his possibly higher potential, if he can improve in his sophomore year.

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      • Well after writing all of that, I just found out that Patrick Beverley cleared waivers. Someone dropped him for Alan Anderson which makes no sense to me. Anderson is a 3 point specialist and even then Beverley is just as good, and has a more secure role on his team and also has the more promising future IMO. Oh well, his loss will hopefully be my gain.
        I took over this dynasty team in last place so I'm just building for the future. I feel like I've made some decent moves to improve this squad for the future.
        I still have my 1st round pick which will likely be either the 1st or 2nd overall pick.
        I traded away Tim Duncan for Jared Sullinger. That might sound bad, but Duncan might be in his last solid fantasy year, and being in last place he was doing me no good. With his age, nobody was going to trade another top 40 player for him, so I took a chance on someone young, with high upside who I personally like a lot as a Celtics fan.
        I then grabbed Danillo Galinari from the FA list. His future potential even coming off a serious injury is enough to take a chance on in an 18 teamer, especially since his roster spot this year helps me stay at the bottom of the pack for a good draft pick.
        I also just used my #2 priority waiver on Harrison Barnes, dropping Danny Granger. I have no use for Granger and nobody wanted to trade ANYTHING for him, so I feel like that was a solid move.
        No I exchanged Farmar for Patrick Beverley.
        Now I have a core of: Lowry, Isaiah Thomas, Carter-Williams, Jeff Green, Gallinari, Barnes, Sullinger, Dwight and my 1st round draft pick to build around. If I can make 1 more trade for a legit shot blocking center and use my draft pick on the best available player I think I'll be a real contender next year. Going from worst to first is the goal!

    • I would think that Marshall is the pg of the future and once Kobe comes back he of course will be the sg for the next 2 years or so. Theres Meeks, too. That leaves backup minutes for Farmar. Might Wroten have a brighter outlook for next year? He had a good game after Turner was traded. Maybe his success will depend on the position of the player they select in the next draft. I think Wroten will have more opportunity so he is my choice.

    • Spending a ton of time on here, going as in depth as possible with the answers/opinions/guesses that I give is fun and a hobby of mine. But it is a little disheartening when I spend that much time on that, and then whenever I have a question there is very little response.
      I know this isn't a very attractive question lol. Nothing like asking if I should trade Lebron and Cousins for Durant and Aldridge, and neither player involved are even ranked in the top 200, and not a lot of people on here actually play in ultra competitive leagues, or deep dynasty leagues like this.
      But I'm sure SOMEONE has an opinion on this.
      Maybe a Phili fan who has watched Wroten and can see something in him, good or bad, that doesn't show up on the stat line, or maybe something about Farmar that being on the east coast and not seeing many Lakers games might have slipped by me?
      Thanks for any response guys, I do appreciate it.

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      • Wroten is a potential sixth man (In My opinion,) while farmar is nothing more than a stop gap for the lakers at best, especially with how well marshall has been playing it'd be silly for the lakers to give him any playing time during/ after a losing season. Worst case scenario Wroten gives you points, where as farmars value next year will drop off a cliff. (Barring any major injuries that'd result in him being signed.)


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