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  • Elroy Elroy Feb 21, 2014 6:25 PM Flag

    Roster Help: First place team punting Blocks?

    9-Cat H2H
    Guards: Irving,I. Thomas, Bledsoe, D.Williams, Calderon, Chalmers, Beal, Oladipo, D.Green
    Forwards: George, Parsons, Butler, Ilyasova, W.Chandler, Harris, Josh Smith
    Centers: Kanter, Milsap, Bosh, D.Jordan

    the only team in my league that has a chance to beat me has a multitude of big men and I almost feel like I should punt Blocks and Rebounds and FG% at this point because hes so good at them and Im already pretty horrible at FG% and Blocks... his bigs include Cousins, Aldridge, Randolph, Drummond, Sullinger, Boozer, Amir Johnson, Henson, as well as Rudy Gay and Leonard... I think its basically going to come down to me and him in the finals and I dont see myself winning in any 3 of those categories... should I punt those categories??? or just leave it up to chance??... punting Rebounds and Blocks and getting rid of Deandre and Jsmoove would REALLY help me in my FT% (which both he and I are already pretty horrible at).. I dont think I have ANY chance whatsoever (barring a catestrophic injury to his team) to win in any of those categories I mentioned (FG%, RBS, BLKS)

    the trade I would hopefully make is Jefferson, Frye and Batum for Deandre, J.Smith and Beal
    if that trade doesnt get accepted then Vucevic, Frye and Batum for Deandre, J.Smith and W.Chandler would be my next move and probably the one that will end up happening... Im not really sure if Bledsoe coming back will elevate Frye's play or not but it doesnt really matter since I am so far ahead in 3's...is this a good strategy for me??? or should I shoot for Brandon Jennings instead of Jefferson and Vucevic, considering the fact that I am punting FG%, Rbs, and Blks and essentially (mayyybe) Turnovers also.....is this too risky of a move???

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    • Its a good strategy to punt the categories that you know you couldnt possibly win against the tougher teams. The thing is that the big guys help the fg% when the shooters are having a bad night so its nice to have a happy balance with that. To help your fg%, Id get rid of Green and Ilyasova but if youre comfortable with their horrible shooting nights. Id keep Josh Smith for his steals, so maybe Deandre and Beal/W. Chandler for Jefferson and Batum? Im not high on the Channing Frye idea.

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      • Im not really worried about my FG% as I stated earlier mine is pretty horrible already and the one team Im gunning for leads the league in that category... my FT% is pretty bad so I would want to package Deandre and Smith together.. I dont think he would do both of them straight up for Jefferson and Batum though.. its worth a try.. my reason for getting Frye was because I dont have much centers and it would suck to have some nights in the playoffs were Im down a player because of not having enough centers..but Ill see if I can do it without him... do you think that trade would be better than acquiring Walker, NeNe, Young FOR Deandre, Josh, W.Chandler???? I would be picking up two slightly below average FT shooters but theyre not as bad as Deandre and Josh so its an upgrade...what do you think??


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