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  • Jeff Jeff Feb 8, 2014 10:21 AM Flag

    Would you do this?

    I'm in first place in my league but need a little bit of scoring and three's and I was offered Klay Thompson and Jameer Nelson for Deron Williams and Andre Iguodala. Would you do this deal?

    Here's our categories: 3P, PTS, OREB, REB, AST, STL, and BLK

    My current roster:
    PG - Deron Williams
    SG - Stephen Curry
    G - Kyle Lowry
    SF - Tobias Harris
    PF - Blake Griffin
    F - Andre Drummond
    C - Roy Hibbert
    Util - Marcin Gortat
    BN - Bradley Beal
    BN - Kevin Martin
    BN - Nene Hilario
    BN - Shawn Marion
    BN - Andre Iguodala
    BN - Steve Blake

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    • Fantasy teams are all about fitting the right players together and not necessarily the best players. You may need scoring and 3s but do you have enough to sustain the categories that you lose some that Iggy and Williams contribute in? Check that. Why in the world do you need more 3s having Curry and Kevin Martin on your team? Hows your ranking? Can you withstand some of the off-shooting nights Clay has sometimes? Keep in mind that you arent going to win all categories all the time. With Curry and Kevin Martin on your team, you certainly cant be losing many times in the 3s category. If it aint broke, no need in fixing anything. It doesnt sound like youre broke so leave it alone. Let it ride with what you have.

    • I would strongly consider that deal, but would push for a bit more. Iggy is the 4th or 5th option in Golden State and his numbers are reflecting that this season. D-Will is worth selling while you can, I don't trust him to stay healthy, Brooklyn doesn't seem to know what the pecking order is and everyone is siphoning opportunities from each other; basically that team is a mess and I'm staying away from all Nets players this season. I think it's a good time to trade both of these players while they're healthy.

      Jameer stands a good chance of being traded (the Magic have made it widely known that he is available). Klay is a three point machine and he dabbles in all the other cats.

      I would try to get someone better than Jameer off of the other side here if you can. He comes with two questions marks: Will he be traded to a team where he isn't starting any more? If he stays, will he take a back seat to finish the season so Oladipo can log big minutes? He's a solid 2nd-3rd tier PG, but these are pretty valid concerns going forward.

      Everyone else here is a projected starter for the rest of the season no matter where they play, making Jameer the odd man out in this group. Also since you don't count TOs or percentages, D-Will gets a bump from where he would be in a standard 9 or 8 cat league. I think you can get more, but I think you'd still be wise to trade these two away. Since your league is splitting boards (and pretty much double counting OREB) I would try and get a big man off the other side instead of Jameer. Good luck.

    • Yeah that seems like it would help you a bit. Klay's a better scorer than Andre.

      Answer mine please..."Accept this trade"


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