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  • Mello Mello Feb 8, 2014 8:24 AM Flag

    Fair Trade?

    Is this a fair trade offer?

    I Give
    Monta Ellis
    Evan Turner
    Spencer Hawes

    I Get
    Goran Dragic
    Aaron Afflalo

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    • Hey guys, I'm just in a 10 team H2H league and there are still some nice options on the wire like Sullinger or Middleton. Sorry I didn't provide that information before, but I truly appreciate the feedback. As mentioned, I was offering up Turner and Hawes because of their trade situation I'm real life and I wanted to move them as soon as possible. Could you give me an example of a single player I could get for a Turner and Hawes 2 for 1? Thanks again everyone!

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      • FYI, here's my team and some solid free agents I would target if I could pull off a 2 for 1 trade. My team has been pretty good this year, but I want to make sure I maximize and improve as much as possible before the trading deadline.

        Fantasy Basketball
        10 Team, H2H League/13 Categories/1st Place
        (PG) Damian Lillard
        (PG) Jrue Holiday
        (PG) DJ Augustin
        (PG/SG) Monta Ellis
        (PG/SG) Victor Oladipo
        (SG/SF) Gordon Hayward
        (SG/SF) Evan Turner
        (SF/PF) Kevin Durant
        (PF/C) Anthony Davis
        (PF/C) DeMarcus Cousins
        (PF/C) Derrick Favors
        (PF/C) Andre Drummond
        (PF/C) Spencer Hawes

        FA's of Interest
        (SF/PF) DeMarre Carroll
        (SF/PF) Khris Middleton
        (PF/C) Terrance Jones
        (PF/C) Jared Sullinger

    • Mello: What type of league you in my man? Would this be a dynasty or regular h2h 10 or 12 teamer?

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      • Just FYI Turner and Hawes on the trade block,Big Time,by Philly. If both go their fantasy value's take a big hit. Ellis is fine. Afflalo could go too but his game could be close to same wherever. Dragic is cool. I would do the trade because you would probably come out ahead by a little. I own Turner/Ellis on one team and Hawes on another and I'm WORRIED about Hawes/Turner taking a value dive.

    • I think the 3 youd be giving up gives more to a team than the 2 you are getting back.

    • Having Dragic & Affalo would be nice. You can't get something for Hawes? I would think Ellis and Turner would be enough for those 2.


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