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  • Rick Rick Jan 18, 2014 8:23 AM Flag

    Selling high on Lowry?

    I am looking to trade Lowry in a one for one trade,who should I target?
    I really like how Lowry is playing but he excels in the categories that I dont need,what I need is REB,BLKS and some points.

    Who is a player that has similar the value that Lowry has?

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    • I agree with King, your best bet would be to find a team that could use 3's, pts, assists and you could basically ask for their best PF/C not named Anthony Davis, and see what they say.
      Depending on the opposing manager's depth is at the PG and C positions, it wouldn't be out of the question to ask for Serge Ibaka or Al Jefferson for the most overall value. Not saying those managers would definitely accept that, because it depends on how they value those guys, and how injury prone they think Lowry is.
      There are also some other guys that fit your description of what you need, that you may be willing to give up Lowry for, or you might be able to give up less, or involve other players to get a deal done to both of your likings.
      Such as:
      Andre Drummond
      Dwight Howard
      Roy Hibbert
      DeAndre Jordan
      John Henson
      All who have varying levels of value.

    • Look for some teams that need what Lowry offers. Then go after one of their big guys.


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