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  • Doug F Doug F Dec 31, 2013 4:04 PM Flag

    can someone tell me how this is fair?

    commish gets dwight howard, beal and lawson, gives up westbrook, reggie jackson, gerald henderson and brandon wright. and this after westbrook got hurt. 12 team h2h keeper league

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    • I think even if westbrook was healthy it would be a bad trade, i think its somewhat unfair but it could be worse i guess

    • Well, in my opinion this isn't a very good trade at all, but statistically I think it's close enough to not be vetoed based just on the players in the trade alone. But if there were any proof of collusion then obviously it's vetoworthy.
      IMO Westbrook and Lawson are close enough to be comparable. Westy has higher upside, but Lawson is a great 2nd tier fantasy PG and is the only 1 currently healthy, so it's a wash IMO.
      And although Beal has the much higher name value, I honestly think that with Westbrook out, Beal and Jackson have similar value. Beal is overrated IMO, while Jackson is underated. Not to mention Beal can be considered an injury risk. His yahoo ranking of 80 compared to Jackson's 120 is obviously better, but depending on team needs the gap in value is closer, and with Westbrook out 1 could even argue that for that time period they could be considered even.
      That leaves Dwight Howard for Henderson and Wright. That's where it gets tricky. Howard has a perceived value that would be much higher than Henderson and Wright combined, but his lack of assists, very low A/TO ratio and horribly low FT% on high volume really dictates his true 9 category value which is currently ranked by yahoo as 125th. That'd be a little easier to stomach if he could just take the next step in at least 1 of his stronger categories, for example, increasing to 20 PPG, or over 2 blocks per game, or at least 1 steal per game.... But as is, his deficiencies can't be overlooked when considering overall value.
      So, statistically Wright and Henderson for Dwight is fair value. BUT, saying all that, it's still a bad deal. Anyone dealing with Howard is negating FT%, bumping his value up significantly. So that 2 for 1 is just a bad trade.
      Not to mention the overall picture of keepers involved. The commish is getting 3 possible keepers, while the other team is getting 1 keeper.
      Bad trade, not fair, but not veto worthy unless collusions/cheating is proven.

    • That trade isnt fair,but I dont think its the worst trade ever,either.
      Westbrook can easily be a Top 10 player when healthy,and if Brandon Wright and Reggie Jackson keep
      playing like they are right now,it isnt such a bad trade.
      I think the manager that has Westbrook was looking at the Yahoo rankings.
      Yahoo has Howard ranked at 124 because of his horrible FT shooting and because he has a lot of TOs,Beal at 81 because of his bad FG percentage and because he doesnt have many steals or blocks,and Lawson at 57 because he has.....a bad FG percentage(?)
      Compared to that,Brandon Wright is ranked at 37 because of his blocking,rebounding and FG%.

      but if you still think the commish is cheating and you want to tell him what a bad commish he is,the only way to do that is to beat him,no matter how much he cheats.Even if you asked to be replaced,most unfair commissioners wont do that,so just beat him and leave the league next year.

      Could you answer my post?

    • anyone?


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