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  • Rick Rick Dec 28, 2013 5:02 AM Flag

    Difficult question,but need your help.

    I am in a 10 team keeper league with normal categories minus TO where we keep 3 players.
    I was offered
    Chris Paul,Andray Blatche,Aaron Brooks and a 3rd, 4th round draft pick(for next year)
    for my
    Nowitzki,Ibaka,Walker and a 5th, 6th round draft pick(for next year)

    I dont really like the trade because I am giving up the core players of my team,but I really want Chris Paul because he will be an excellent keeper for me.The other manager doesnt have many choices for his keepers for next year,so he wants to trade for some top 20 players.

    I am looking to offer something like
    Ibaka, Walker +(YOU FILL IN THE BLANK)
    Chris Paul + (YOU FILL IN THE BLANK)

    My team
    Harden, Ibaka, Nowitzki, Vucevic, Lawson ,Millsap, Walker, Bledsoe, Teague, R Anderson, Valanciunas, Afflalo, Barganani, Henson

    The team that I am looking to trade with
    Chris Paul, Gay, Hibbert, West, J Green, K Martin, OJ Mayo, MCW ,Hawes, Stuckey, N Young, Blacthe, R Jackson, A Brooks


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    • You should definitely trade back Nowitzki and change back to him. Ibaka's blocks are tough to give up. You might even consider Bledsoe as a keeper. After this trade- Paul, Harden, Bledsoe or Ibaka as keepers.

      He has a number of good mid level players to go after besides Paul- Kevin Martin, MCW, Hawes, Nick Young.

      Try to keep most of your team while trimming expendable name players like Nowitzki, Lawson, Bargnani, and maybe Afflalo if you can upgrade.

      Personally I'd rather keep Walker over Ty Lawson. He has more blow up potential. You can sell Nowitzki's name value and say how Lawson's the backbone since they traded Iguodala. Ty Lawson/Nowitzki/change for Paul/change. Do a 3 for 2 or 4 for 3 trade.

      Lawson/Nowitzki/Afflalo/Bargnani for Paul/Young/one of his players listed above

    • For a 3rd round pick,you can get a player like Greg Monroe
      For a 4th round pick, you can get a player like Bradley Beal
      5th round pick Anderson Varejao
      6th round pick Gordan Hayward


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