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    I have Sullinger and Glen Davis should i swap any of em out for:

    Tobias Harris
    Jimmy Butler

    I only have 2 PGs so I could use Stuckey for his position but im getting by just fine and looking for best overall.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    • If it were me I would probably drop Big Baby and pick up Jimmy Butler. With Rose out, he should play a HUGE role for the Bulls, especially if Deng and Noah keep getting banged up. And although Big Baby has had some great games lately, I just don't particularly like his fantasy game. His high scoring makes it look better than it usually is. He is an inconsistent shot blocker for the position, which can sometimes be excused if that player can hit the 3, but Davis just doesn't shoot many 3's at all. I know he has 2 3PTM in the last 10 days, but he also only has 2 attempts all year and only had a couple attempts all last year. He also can do some real damage to your FG% when he is not feeling it offensively but continues to jack up shots. We also have yet to see how well he plays when both Vucevic and Harris are healthy. Even the good play from Nicholson lately could possibly take away a couple MPG from these guys. he's too young and talented to just be benched completely.
      At least when Sully isn't having a great game he rarely does anything to hurt your team (unless your team counts fouls lol). And I personally think that SUllinger will only get better from here on out. The Celtics have no reason to NOT play him heavy minutes, and Rondo's return could help him get even better open looks, even though Crawford is doing a pretty damn good job.
      I will definitely admit that I am biased. I am a Celtics fan, and even more, I am a huge Jared Sullinger fan. I also never was impressed with Big Baby when he was in Boston. So, take my opinion with a grain of salt, because so far the stats make it look like Big Baby could very well be the better fantasy option, but I'd rather have Sully and Butler.
      I'd also keep a very close eye on Harris. But with FA's as good as those, even if you miss out on Harris and he blows up, you will likely have another opportunity to grab a hot FA later on.

    • I'd add Tobias and Jimmy. Answer mine "Drop Miles plumlee for Nene?" and "is my team in the right direction?"


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