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    Controversial Trade Help

    OK, so without giving my own opinion on this trade, I'll just lay out the details here and see what other people have to say. Regardless of the answers I plan on posting a link to this thread on the league's message board.
    Before I get to the actual trade, there are a few key differences in this league compared to standard leagues.
    This is a 20 team h-2-h Dynasty league (keep whole roster) with 9 cateogries but instead of shooting %'s, they are replaced by FGM and FTM. We also have 20 man rosters, so 400 players are owned in this extremely deep league.
    Team A gets:
    Carmelo Anthony
    Steve Nash

    Team B gets:
    Kelly Olynyk
    Andrew Nicholson
    Tony Wroten

    No future rookie draft picks were included in this trade. Tea A is currently in 12th place, Team B is currently in 18th place.
    Both managers involved in the trade have commented saying that they are OK with the deal. Many other managers have voiced concerns.

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    • you can't veto this trade. If Team B upgrades all 3 of those players over scrub players then maybe it will equal Melo even this season. In addition, Team B has some decent upside with the players while Melo will likely only get worse and Nash is essentially dead.

    • if im the commissioner, i will not veto this trade.. as many people said, fantasy basketball is a mental game.. in a real basketball (physical), the commissioner or referees will never prohibit a big man posting up on a small guy because he has the height or physical advantage.. In fantasy, the smarter people can also take advantage if somebody messed up or did something stupid.. commissioner's job is to make sure that there is no cheating or collusion happening and i cant see it here..

    • in a 20 team dynasty that deal seems reasonable

    • I would veto that trade. Melo is will be a viable source for the next fear years should not be traded for 3 scrubs in any league

    • The problem with justifying this trade as a move for the future is that none of the players on the "youth" side of this deal have nearly the potential to become the player Anthony is now, nor do I see that in their futures. All could turn into solid role players, maybe even consistent starters, but it could be 2 or 3 seasons until Nicholson and Olynyk get it going and Wroten is a solid backup, but he may not thrive on future teams that are not running and dunking every single play like the 76ers are. So I personally think the trading for the future argument is flimsy here.

      Nash is a obviously a worthless throw in here and doesn't belong on any roster, even 20 team dynasty leagues. He's been dropped 3 or 4 times in my 18 team keeper league, he might be a good streaming option down the road, but most likely he's done.

      In essence this is a really lopsided deal in favor of the manager that is getting Melo. I don't like to veto anything, I would probably let it stand, but I would certainly and mercilessly make fun of whoever is giving up Melo here every single day after that trade. I think it is a severely boneheaded move.

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      • Thanks Dillon, I respect your opinion a lot on here. I personally think it should be veto'd. But I also realize it is harded to assign values in a league where you keep your entire roster, and in a league where 400 players are owned. I mean #$%$, I have Daniel Orton on my squad lol.
        So the young guns DO have more value than in your 18 team keeper, but I still agree with your point.
        I wouldn't go as far as making fun of the owner if this goes through, I would just feel bad for him. His current roster is:
        Jose Calderon
        Toney Douglas
        Tim Hardaway JR
        JJ Barea
        Gal Mekel
        Steve Nash
        Lou Williams
        Mo Williams
        Andre Miller
        Devin Harris
        Austin Rivers
        OK, now that I'm done listing his PG eligible players, here's the rest lol:
        Carmelo Anthony
        Zach Randolph
        Harrison Barnes
        Alan Anderson
        Kendrick Perkins
        Quincy Acey
        Nick Young
        Anthony Randolph

        Again, with 11 PG eligible players I don't see why they would even want a trade including them getting a PG in return?

    • I'm not trying to argue or change other's opinions, I just like debating basketball. And I really do appreciate the feedback. So far the replies are mixed ,with a slight edge for it being a vetoworthy trade, or at least a very lopsided trade. But with a few opinions saying it is either fair, or at least not unfair enough to be vetoed. I definitely appreciate everyone's opinions.

    • Not a bad trade in such a deep league. Steve nash is basically a none factor cause hes injured and hes probably retiring after this year. I would actually take the 3 young players to be honest.

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      • Thank you for the reply. If this trade goes through, and it doesn't work out for the manager getting the 3 young guys, please come join our league and make trades with me!! LIke I said before, I see nothing wrong with trading Melo for young players, I would do the same if Melo and Zach Randolph were my only 2 decent players in a deep league. But do you honestly think he was getting the most for his money when dealing Melo? You don't think he could have gotten 1 STAR young player and another young player with the same upside as those 3? Or 2 mid-round value guys and a 3rd with some high upside? You really honestly think that Olynyk, Wroten (who remember will go back to obscurity when MCW returns, so he'd be a bench player for possibly years until he gets traded or moves on as a FA) and Nicholson who has only shown flashes and that was with either Big Baby, Vucevic or Tobias Harris out of the lineup are a good and fair return for Carmelo Anthony? Especially in a league that counts FGM instead of FG%?

    • Thanks for the 2 quick replies so far. I will add again just to try to play devil's advocate here, that 400 players are owned in this league, so fringe players and young guys with even a hint of upside are worth rostering. My team currently has guys like Shelvin Mack, Brian Roberts, Lavoy Allen, Landry Fields, ALonzo Gee for example of some of the lowere end guys on my squad that I wouldn't even consider touching, even in my 16 team league.
      So, guys like Olynyk, Wroten and Nicholson who have all shown flashes of good fantasy potential are most definitely worth owning in this league. I just personally feel like NONE of them have proven themselves yet, and all they've shown is flashes. And that if you are giving up a top 10-15 fantasy player and are looking to trade for depth, why wouldn't you want to trade for young up and comers who have already proven themselves a bit more. Guys like John Henson, Trey Burke, Michael Carter-WIliams, Bradley Beal, Jared Sullinger, Eric Bledsoe, Jimmy Butler, Chandler Parsons, Isaiah Thomas, Jonas Valanciunas, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Patrick Beverley etc etc etc. I would think for Melo and another you could easily get 2 of the players above if you match the correct 2.
      Just don't see what the point of trading your 1 and only trade asset for scrap pieces that may or may not work out in 5 years does.

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      • I agree, the Melo owner probably should have shot for more (the players you mentioned), but you can't run teams for owners if they are being less than smart haha, and I don't think it looks like there was a clear indication of cheating, I would have to see what the Melo owner had done with trades/adds/drops the rest of the season

    • i would say it is fairly lopsided. obviously the one team is banking on the young players developing and in that big of a league that is not that bad of strategy but think he overpaid. i am sure nash will probably just be dropped either this year or next and he will pick up 2 young guys that he thinks will develop. so it will end up being a star and two young guys for 3 young guys. not sure if it should be vetoed in that big of a league though especially when neither team is contending right now(doesnt seem like collusion) and maybe those young players will turn out very good. in that big of a league i would think you just need as many good players as possible as opposed to having a star and nobodies.

    • I don't know much about 20 team leagues or dynasty leagues so my opinion might be worthless. I think the Anthony side wins big though. Who knows if the other 3 will ever be decent fantasy players.

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