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  • Brandon Brandon Dec 11, 2013 6:39 PM Flag

    What can John Henson sell for?

    How much value does Henson have on the trade market right now? Looking to sell high on him.

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    • Henson will have his ups and downs but he could be the next Ibaka who is a good source of blocks.

    • Idk about Parsons, Batum, Millsap, and Monta lol but you could aim for someone at a reasonable price. I like aiming for someone like IT2 but you prob have to try a 2 for 1 at this point. A lot of people might view Henson more as a short term than long term value just because he's been forced into action with 2 major injuries to the front court and we know Larry Drew for some reason did not want to play/start Henson before. He might be stubborn later on when they come back from their injuries but its a wait and see approach. And Ilyasova wont be this bad for long.

    • That's definitely a tough one, cuz he is beastin right now! I originally drafted him, got fed up with coach Drew and dropped him, someone else picked him up and dropped him, and I made myself pick him up just before his hot streak, lucky me. Yahoo has him ranked as a top 35-50 on the season, and thats while he's been a bench player with less than 30 mpg mainly! I think if he keeps it up and Drew sticks with him he could finish top 30-40, maybe even higher, similar to Larry Sanders last year. However, if somebody was trying to trade him to my team, I would probably want to hold off until Sanders came back to see how that affects the rotations, so, as King said, you probably couldn't get back what he is worth to you. Maybe somebody in the Parsons, Batum, Millsap, Monta range? I wouldn't give him up for much less than that!

    • He is probably worth more to your team than what another team will give you. I'd keep him.

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      • agreed i think he has more potential than trade value right now. something about the Milwaukee system. larry sanders blocked a lot of shots for them. henson has at least one block shot in all of the games in recent memory and his 25 17 3 steals and 6 block game was his highlight. those are numbers that are hard to ignore. sanders looked terrible in limited time before his injury. so i'm keeping him. i don't see it as out of the realm of possibility that he could become this years Larry Sanders/Nikola Vucevic.

      • Well put. I think people will just want to buy him on FA market value, but there are a few guys in the league desperate for blocks so he does have some allure.


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