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  • CWizzle CWizzle Dec 10, 2013 4:03 PM Flag

    Realistic Jordan Crawford trade??

    I'm in a 16 team h-2-h 9 category keeper league. Pretty competitive. I currently have Jordan Crawford and am wondering what other people think about who I could realistically try to sell high on him for right now, before Rondo returns.
    Or do you think that nobody will be willing to give ANY sort of value in return for Crawford and I should just ride him 'til the wheels fall off and then drop him if necessary?
    Personally I think JCraw has proven himself enough that even when Rondo returns, he will have a solid role on the team, and still have value in a 16 team league, but obviously will take a significant hit in value. Enough of a hit that in regular 12 team leagues I'd guess that he wouldn't be worth holding onto.
    But as it stands, who would you try to target? I'm fairly solid in all positions so I don't necessarily need to replace him with a PG/SG, but ideally someone with nice assists along with either steals or 3PTM would be nice.
    I can also add someone like Jamal Crawford or Corey Brewer to make a deal work. Neither are super valuable but Jamal's average of 2.0 3PTM can be pretty valuable in a deep league, and Brewer's 1.3 3PTM and nearly 2.0 steals averages are pretty valuable in a deep league as well.

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    • calderon, george hill, lin. he'll be worth having in a 16 team league but take a significant hit as you said.

    • Thanks, IT2 was actually my main target even before the trade. I guess I could still throw it out there and see if he bites, but if he pays attention to the league I would think he'd rather have IT2 who should have solid value ROS compared to Crawford who's solid value may only last another month. But maybe he will be concerned that Rudy Gay will hog the ball too much for IT2's value to be consistent. Guess it's worth a try.
      And there is 0% chance the owner of COnley would want to swap for Crawford/Brewer, but I agree that would be a sweet deal for me lol.
      Any other players to target? I think if Calderon is my most realistic target I'd rather just ride Crawford til the wheels fall off. Calderon only has 1 game with double digit assists, and with Monta controlling the ball a lot, and Larkin and Harris getting healthy I don't see Calderon's assist numbers going up any time soon. His 3's are nice, but not much overall production for me.
      I've been on an extremely lucky streak lately with my squad over performing. Some of which has to do with 1 of my weekly matchups going against a manger who forgot to set their lineups even though I posted in the league and sent them an email. But I feel like without making some moves my luck will shortly run out.

    • try Crawford for Jose Calderon
      IT was a great target but Vasquez trade increases his value

    • Go after Isaiah Thomas or Ariza in a 2 for 1.

      Please answer my post "Who do I drop for Tyson Chandler?" Thanks

    • If you need stls and assts, IThomas may be a good target, also maybe Conley, but you'd obviously have to package somebody else with Crawford, but I think that is your best chance, an owner may like his value a little more if he is with another player


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