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  • angelvirus angelvirus Dec 9, 2013 12:57 AM Flag

    Punt FT Team

    Here is my punt FT Team.
    Any inputs how to make it stronger:

    PG - Wall, Lowry
    SG - Oladipo
    SF - Batum, Iggy, Ariza
    PF - Griffin, Duncan
    C - Drummond, Howard, DeAndre

    I am thinking about getting Rondo, Josh Smith, Parsons, Horford.
    Please advise what are possible trade scenarios for my Team.


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    • i think now is the best time to trade for josh smith. his value is pretty low atm. But he still contributes rebounds blocks steals. I don't expect ariza to maintain his current level of play, and i expect smooth to improve.
      could work something around them 2. but while ariza value is higher try to get more out of the other owner

    • I just traded Duncan/Lowry for Irving/Pekovic?
      Good move for my Team?

    • Try to trade Duncan and Iggy...Answer mine "Which FA?'

    • Hahaha I laughed at your big men lineup....beastly but your free throw percentage has to be around like 30%? That being said, I personally love the way your team is constructed right now. Stay away from Josh Smith, as a Detroit fan I have been following his progress closely and he isn't going to have big games like he used to. There is too much big man to go around on the Pistons between Drummond, Monroe, and Smith. Horford wouldn't be a bad pick up if you could shed Deandre (preferably), or Griffin or Duncan (love him but he will inevitably miss games) for him. As far as for Rondo and Parsons, you really wouldn't be upgrading at PG by getting Rondo, and Parsons might be a nice swap for Iggy (same idea with Duncan, great but aging and will miss more games). When Iggy is healthy again you might be able to swap him straight up for Parsons. But, your team seems pretty solid as it is.

    • Duncan is a good trade chip due his DNP-Old, you can trade either center, all sucks at ft%
      I can say you can move D12, Iggy and TD.
      Drummond is listed as PF/C so your PF spot will not suffer if you trade TD. just my opnion. Can you help me with mine, ty.


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