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  • Bobby Bobby Nov 11, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

    Trade Spence Hawes?

    I know he's doing great, But I have a feeling he's going to get ran into the ground. There probably won't be a better time sell high, what do you think?

    Looking at a Nikola Pecovic/Spence Hawes for Klay Thompson trade.

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    • I think selling high on Hawes is a pretty good move. BUT with my personal luck, the 1 time I get someone to buy high on Hawes would be the year he finally puts everything together consistently for a whole season lol.
      But going by history, the chances of him retaining his current value all year are not very good.

      Also, are you talking about trading BOTH Pekovic and Hawes for Klay Thompson? I would think that would be a pretty hard trade to recover from in the categories like rebounds and blocks. I like Klay, but when you trade 2 big men and don't get any in return, you better be pretty stacked in that department.
      I'm going to assume since Pekovic was ranked 51 and Thompson ranked 52 by Yahoo going into the season, that you are talking about trading just 1 or the other for Klay. If that is the case, I think it's not a bad idea at all. But if you are talking about trading both, I think that is a big mistake, even if you think Hawes can't keep up his current production. Losing BOTH those guys you'd probably lose out on over 15 rebs and 2 blocks per game. That is a lot to lose for a 3PTM specialist... So hopefully you are talking about 1 or the other.
      If you ARE talking about both, I think the only way that would work out for you, is if there is a PF/C Free Agent available that averages close to double digit rebounds with 1+ blocks per game

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      • I also have Brook Lopez, Jonas Valanciunas, Tyson Chandler (INJ), Tristan Thompson, Serge Ibaka.

      • K Thompson was ranked 52 but if you have to really think he was a steal at 5th round now. He was only dropped that low because fears of Iggy and Barnes would affect his stats. And instead hes exploded with flying colors. Also there were doubts on him even starting. I'd say Thompson should be retaining 2nd-3rd round value for the season. So trading 2 mid round players makes sense if you can take the hit of losing 2 big men. I ended up overdrafting too many bigs so I could see him having a similar problem as well. Value wise though I would go for Thompson theres no way you can pull a one for one for Thompson now with just Pek or Hawes.

    • What is the trade value for Hawes? What are some examples?

    • Spencer Hawes has ALWAYS been a sell high guy. Every year he shows flashes of greatness he ends up falling flat on his face. He's so injury prone you know the wheels are eventually going to fall the question is when? If you're ok on bigs after this trade I'd jump on the Thompson trade.


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