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  • The Ole Lefthander The Ole Lefthander Nov 3, 2013 12:54 AM Flag

    Is it really gonna be like this all year?????????????????????????

    Listen, we're 3 days into the season, and all I've seen on here is....Is Plumlee worth picking up? Is McRoberts worth picking up? Is Faverani worth picking up? Seriously, are you kids really gonna do that all season long after a player has a couple good days? There isn't a person on this earth that can tell you how Plumlee, McRoberts, and Faverani is gonna do this year, and if they do tell ya, they're lyin, because there ain't NOBODY that knows. You think the experts on here knows? I mean, serious?

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    • I agree that questions like this is a little too general for fantasy team management. No one can tell you exactly a player's average stats for the year, because if one does, there will be no point of playing fantasy games. However, one can help puzzling owners with calculated risk before he adds a player or performs a trade. The uncertainty associated with whether Plumlee or Faverani can sustain their early round value production is the risk that causes them to be still valued at only late-mid round value at best for now. Everything here is about calculated risk and return. I understand some view these questions as silly; to me, they actually help me evaluate a player's value and quantify the risk involved with my potential action.

    • No one knows anything for sure, thats just not possible. You can , however make an educated guess. Looking at the talent of all teams mentioned..............all of those guys are gonna get starters minutes. Faverani has been a monster on blocks. Will he average 6 blocks a game? Most likely not. Will he get the best chance and the most minutes to play when compared to their other best center on the team? Yes he will. same goes for plumlee. Alex len isn't 100% and hasn't produced like Plumlee has thus far. McRoberts is the only one to be concerned with. With Zeller as his back up he could potentially lose his starting spot. Say what you want about "no name, unproven" players but all players were unproven at one point or another.

    • picked up Plum and lovin it and when he cools down im gonna drop him for the next hot FA

    • well the message board was created for this...


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