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  • Ran-d Ran-d Oct 25, 2013 10:33 PM Flag

    Pick up help

    H2H 1 win format
    PG: Kemba, Bledsoe, R. Jackson, Mo, IT
    SG: Butler, Hayward, Dunleavy
    SF: KD, J. Green,
    PF: T. Thompson, DLee, ZBo, Gibson
    C: Chandler, Hibbert

    Thinking in drop Dunleavy
    Good or bad idea?

    Best FA available
    PG: Beverly, Beno (I'm fan of Beno)
    SG: Ariza (he will be the starting SF), Brewer
    SF: Aminu, DoMo, M. Miller, Casspi
    PF: Henson, Sully, Markieff (I dropped him for Gibson), Sully, B. Wright, McRoberts
    C: Olynyk, Blatche, E. Davis, Faverani, S. Adams

    Any help is welcome, ty!!!

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    • TY for your suggestions. Ended with Ariza. I like the 2 position availability for flex.
      2 pg/sg
      3 sg/sf
      1 sf/pf

    • Drop Dunleavy and add Ariza. Ariza's starting for the Wiz, he'll give you 3's and steals. Will have minutes to have a decent stat every night.

    • First of all, yes you should most likely drop Dunleavy for a FA. But which one is the harder part.
      Patrick Beverley is a great option at PG in my opinion. I think he will have nice value all year in standard leagues. I was almost going to say not to consider him since you'd have way too many PG's, but since a lot of your PG's are also SG eligible, it could work. I like Beno too but baring an injury to Felton he won't have enough PT to have value.
      out of all your SG or SF options it would come down Ariza or Brewer, although I'd keep a close eye on DoMo. I give small edge to Brewer but I'd have to watch to see how each player's minutes work out. The 1 with more minutes will likely have more value.
      I think John Henson might be the best short term option for a PF,C. He should start for as long as Ilyasova is out. But when Ersan comes back, Henson's value will drop. It wont disappear completely I don't think, but it will drop off.
      Wright is hurt and out indefinitely. Until he gets a timetable to return I'd let him stay on the FA list. But when healthy he could be the more valuable on this list.
      Out of the 3 Celtics (my team that I route for) I'd actually go with Faverani. Sullinger still has foul trouble and lots of competition at PF this year from Bass, Olynyk, Humphries, Wallace, Green etc. And although Olynyk looked great in summer league, he has looked lost for long stretches at a time in pre season, and has not shown anything close to an interior defensive presence. While Faverani has. He can bang with the big bodies unlike Olynyk, but can still hit the 3 and spread the floor. He's the better overall nba-ready center as of this very moment and Brad Stevens would be making a mistake to NOT start him.
      I don't think any of the other guys are going to get enough consistent minutes to produce, but most are worth keeping an eye on.

      So for me it's:
      Beverley if you want a PG
      Brewer for a SG,SF
      Henson for a short term PF,C
      Faverani for a C.

    • Id probably give olynyk a shot

    • I like Olynyk, Blatche, Beverly, Hensen and Ariza to an extent

    • ilyasova may miss some playing time so I say henson

    • Beverly looks like a deep sleeper this year. He might have a chance to breakout, but you seem pretty packed at the guard spot. Maybe Ariza as he will get you steals and all around stats, but have to keep in mind Wizards are pretty heavy on the wing position. To me if you were to drop Dunleavy then I would pick up Ariza to replace one of your guard forwards.

    • I like Olynyk, Blatche (Going to get a bunch of run), Beverly, Ariza, Henson. As far as who to drop, definitely Dunleavy man.

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