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    20team H2H keeper
    I need to choose up to 5 keepers for an auction draft(200$ budget)
    I am going to keep Irving(47$)but I dont know about the rest.
    Players that I can keep(price)
    Kobe Bryant(50$)
    Paul Millsap(49$)
    Ty Lawson (47$)
    Nene Hilario (15$)
    Spencer Hawes (5$)
    Tony Allen (2$)
    Isaiah Thomas (5$)
    Mo Williams ( 5$)
    Patrick Patterson ( 5$)
    Devin Harris (5$)
    Beno Udrih (5$)
    Brain Roberts (5$)

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    • Obviously irving, I might all the rest of them back.

    • Kobe is tooooo way expensive as well Millsap and Lawson!!!! Depending in which turn they were selected.
      Look my auction picks yesterday and their prices

      You Mad Bro? (my team's name)
      Budget $200
      1. (1) Kevin Durant (OKC - SF) $61
      2. (30) David Lee (GS - PF,C) $21
      3. (40) Jeff Green (Bos - SF,PF) $11
      4. (49) Tyson Chandler (NY - C) $13
      5. (54) Eric Bledsoe (Pho - PG,SG) $17
      6. (67) Kemba Walker (Cha - PG) $19
      7. (70) Zach Randolph (Mem - PF,C) $18
      8. (79) Roy Hibbert (Ind - C) $20
      9. (115) Gordon Hayward (Uta - SG,SF) $6
      10. (116) Jimmy Butler (Chi - SG,SF) $7
      11. (135) Mike Dunleavy (Chi - SG,SF) $1
      12. (147) Isaiah Thomas (Sac - PG) $1
      13. (158) Tristan Thompson (Cle - PF,C) $1
      14. (164) Mo Williams (Por - PG,SG) $2
      15. (167) Markieff Morris (Pho - PF) $1
      16. (175) Trevor Ariza (Was - SG,SF) $1

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      • I overpay a little ZBo (projected 8, I pay $18) and DLee (projected $16, I pay 21) because 1. auto bidders and 2. Good pfs were running low.
        Durant was too cheap 70 projected value and I got him for 61. IT, TT both are steals at 1. Mo Williams value ($2) because I stole him from other bidder and I had more $ than him, lol. Need a back up pg/sg, since Jack was selected before.

    • I've never participated in an auction draft style league, so although I understand the concept, I don't know all the rules.
      So, this question might sounds really stupid to you, but is your $200 budget for both your keepers AND the rest of your draft? or does your budget increase once the draft starts?
      Because Irving, Lawson and Millsap would all be top keeper choices for me but that would leave you with $57 to fill out the rest of your roster and unless you get a TON of good deals that doesn't sound like very much. It almost seems like that could get basically all eaten up with a bid on 1 or 2 really good players.
      So I'm not really sure if keeping Irving, Lawson and Millsap is a good idea or not without having experience in auction leagues. I do know that Spencer Hawes for $5 seems like a pretty good value pick to me.
      I personally wouldn't even consider spending $50 on Kobe this season. I know he is a beast and you should never bet against him when it comes to injuries, but the fact that he's 1 year older, coming off a serious injury and isn't even certain to start the year makes that seem like at least double the price I'd feel comfortable spending on him.

    • millsap and ty are sure picks! kobe probably also!

      help me out in my topic? "Ilyasova or David West?" even though the topic isn't about that anymore. You can answer here too, Ibaka-Millsap for Brook-Drummond? (receiving ibaka side)


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