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  • resu resu Oct 10, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    Trade accepted

    Who wins?
    Team A:
    Steph Curry
    George Hill
    Anthony Davis

    Team B:
    B. Jennings
    David West

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    • I like winning leagues and being competitive, but it doesn't feel good when playing against people that don't know what they're doing. I have one of the most ridiculous teams you can think of, without it being too absurdly good, but it will be a hollow victory (if I win). I'm more excited for the two custom leagues I'm in with friends and active managers that know what they're doing.

    • Team A is the obvious "winner". But the league as a whole is the obvious "loser". It must be very boring playing in leagues like that.
      Curry (top 5 pick) Wade (late 2nd round/early 3rd round pick this year in standard leagues)
      George Hill is only 1 tier down from Jennings as far as PG's go. I rank Jennings as a bottom 2nd tier PG and Hill near the top of the 3rd tier.
      Anthony Davis is being drafted in the 2nd round of most leagues. SOME leagues might let him fall to the top of the 3rd round, while a few risk takers might take him in the end of the 1st round. His potential is sky high. David West is a solid middle 5th round pick. You know what his ceiling is and it is very unlikely that at this point in his career he will make any vast improvements from last year.

      What was the motivation for the other guy to accept this deal? He's going to lose out on %'s, 3's, assists, steals and blocks, and likely rebounds as well lol. He also gives a PF/C eligible player and gets a PF eligible in return. Sounds like you play with a bunch of amateurs.

    • Team A in a landslide

    • Why would anyone ever agree to this trade?

    • Side A by far

    • Side A, Curry and Davis is top 20 player. Answer mine "Plz rate my team!"

    • Team A gets the edge as long as they stay healthy. Davis should have a breakout year and curry is a top 6 player. Hill has potential and is a decent enough guard that contributes in multiple cats. Wade and west aren't as good as they used to be and Jennings fg% can hurt you.


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