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  • donald donald Oct 7, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    This a solid team for a 12 team h2h standard yahoo settings

    1. (1) Kevin Durant SF
    2. (24) Ricky Rubio PG
    3. (25) Dwyane Wade PG,SG
    4. (48) David Lee PF,C
    5. (49) Blake Griffin PF
    6. (72) Greg Monroe C
    7. (73) Kevin Garnett PF,C
    8. (96) JaVale McGee C
    9. (97) Danny Green SG,SF
    10. (120) Arron Afflalo SG,SF
    11. (121) Michael Carter-Williams PG
    12. (144) Tristan Thompson PF,C
    13. (145) Kris Humphries PF

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    • You need 3's and a solid C.

    • Are you asking if this is a solid team, or are you stating that you think it is one? It has some decent pieces and any team with Durant is off to a good start, but I don't really like this team much, at all.
      Rubio was one of the worst in the league in FG% and TO's last year. Sure he gets great assists and steals, and decent 3's, but the lack of total points and the horrible shooting and TO's make him overvalued IMO.. The only other true PG on your roster is M Carter-Williams, who is also very likely to struggle in FG% and TO's this year. He has potential but I do not think he will be very consistent. So I really don't like your depth at PG.
      Wade is being drafted too high this year IMO. His knees are a big concern over the course of the season.
      Lee, Griffin and Monroe can really score and get rebounds, but none of them are elite shot blockers, or even average shot blockers. So although JaVale McGee is an elite shot blocker, I don't think he'll be enough for you to stay competitive there, not to mention the poor FT% of Griffin, McGee and Thompson will be hard to work around.
      Garnett is old, will possibly be rested throughout the year, be on a minutes limit and is playing with a legit center and tons of offensive weapons. Not a good recipe for fantasy value.
      Afflalo's role with the Magic is uncertain. His MPG will dictate his fantasy value. If he gets the minutes he'll be worth it, but if Oladipo at PG doesn't work, he could eat into Aflallo's minute at the 2.
      Both Thompson and Humphries have potential but have a LOT of competition for minutes on their respective teams.
      The good news is, a lot of your guys have pretty nice name value. I'd be trying to trade Wade, Griffin and Garnett. I'd also see if there is anyone really high on MCW that would give up an already established player for him.
      Good luck.


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