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  • HJM HJM Oct 3, 2013 8:20 PM Flag

    Keepers help on Dynasty League

    I have a keepers dilemma on my Dynasty League (9 keepers, only 8 teams, 8 cats - fg%, ft%, 3pt, pts, reb, ast, stl, blk).
    Like I said, I need to select 9 keepers from these guys...

    Lillard, Holiday, Jennings,
    P.George, K.Leonard, N.Batum, R.Gay, J.Green,
    A.Davis, Aldridge, M.Gasol, Horford

    I know it sounds like an All Stars team.
    It hurts to get rid of some of them but I need to drop 3.
    So far I'm thinking about getting rid of Green and Jennings but still undecided on the third (Batum, Gay, Leonard?)

    Who should I keep on my team?
    Please help!!!
    Draft day is soon, I'll appreciate your help.

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    • So far I'm leaning towards : Lillard, Holiday, George, Batum, Leonard, Davis, Aldridge, Horford, Gasol

      I would cut : Gay, Jennings, Green


      Do u think Lillard can continue with his production (or even get better) if his minutes are going down now with a better bench in Portland?

      Same goes for Batum.

      What about Gay? do you think his numbers could increase? or he should continue on a PTS only contributor?

      And did you heard anything new about an injury on Aldridge this week?

      Please let me know your comments... thanks!

    • I'd keep all 4 bigs, drop Gay and Green and then chose the 2 PG's out of the 3 that you think will be the best fit for your team.
      I LOVE Jeff Green but he could have low %'s and high TO's this year when everyone know's he's the go to guy in Boston and will defend him much differently than last year. And I've always thought Rudy Gay was a bit overrated and since he's a SF,PF I look at your other keepers at those positions and would feel 100% comfortable dropping him.
      With David, Aldridge, Gasol, Horford you have a great mix of pts, rebs blks and FG% and non that will instantly kill your FT%. Nice younger talent that should be valuable for years to come.
      With George, Batum and Leonard at the wings, you have arguably the top 3 fantasy wing players not named Lebron or Kevin!
      Keeping 2 out of 3 of those PG's and using your 1st pick in the re-draft on a 3rd PG should keep you competitive there as well.
      I think this is a pretty easy choice.

    • Drop green, jennings and leonard. Batum contributes in almost every category, so you can't drop him. Gay is still better than leonard for now.

    • I would punt assists and get rid of all three point guards. You'll dominate all the other categories with your bigs and great forwards. Also, this year there are plenty of point guards and if you really want one you could always trade for for a great point guard with your caliber of players. But there is no point, dropped them and pick up ones that will give you steals and 3's and you should do well in your league. Enjoy!

    • If you are keeping jrue over batum you really need someone to help co-manage your team.


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