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  • wildchild wildchild Oct 3, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

    draft pick trade...

    20t keeper. Trade my j butler CHI and 5th overall for 1st overall? Don't think I should do it unless someone knows something I don't... draft class seems kinda close between top 5 or 6 long term. I can also trade my 5th pick for d derozan?

    J crawford Bos
    E turner
    J butler
    Thad young
    B wright
    P patterson
    G monroe

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    • I'm a little confused. Is this a keeper or a dynasty league? How many players are kept each year? And are these draft picks for THIS year's fantasy season or next?
      In a re-draft format where the 1st overall pick can land you Lebron or Durant I would feel very comfortable giving up Jimmy Butler and the 5th overall. But in a keeper league where the 1st overall pick is NOT a Lebron/Durant skill level type of player, I'd probably stick with what you have. The 5th plus Jimmy Butler has more value than the 1st pick IMO.
      Trading the 5th for Derozan kind of depends on how many players are kept, but I'd tend to say keep the pick in most formats.

      1 thing that could give people answering you an easier time would be to list the top 10 or so players that will be in your league's draft. In keeper leagues the talent available in the draft of a league that keeps 3 players each is a lot different than a league that each team keeps 10 players, you see what I'm saying?

      I'm in a 20 team dynasty league with 20 man rosters so even though my league has a lot more depth with the bigger rosters, looking at your roster I like what you have. Lost of young talent that is either already proven or on the upswing with high potential.
      There are a few that I don't really care for in standard sized leagues, but for a 20 teamer it doesn't look bad. I would say that a legit 2nd PG would go a long way. IF Bynum stays healthy your bigs look pretty good, but if not you might be hurting on blocks too, since Monroe doesn't get many and your other bigs aren't guaranteed to be starters all year.
      Good luck!


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