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  • Joe Joe Oct 3, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

    Need help choosing Keepers

    Can keep 2 of the following...
    J. Nelson
    G. Vasquez
    A. Drummond
    dont care abotu positions, just want to keep over all talent.

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    • Wow, I can see why you are having a hard time with this decision. There are some many question marks with those guys.
      Bynum- health is always a HUGE concern, but when healthy he's a top 3 center.

      Varejao- Health is a concern, also his MPG and trade concerns are there. CLE has a ton of depth in their frontcourt, and Andy has been in a lot of trade rumors over the last couple years. But he's a rebounding machine!

      Nelson- Underrated PG in fantasy in my opinion. But with the Magic trying very hard to make Oladipo a PG, Nelson could end up in a timeshare this season, hurting his value. But there is still a possibility of him being the starting PG and getting a full load of minutes, so it's very hard to tell at this point. Finally there is a real possibility of Nelson being traded. Where he lands could really effect his fantasy value. A starting gig could mean he's worth keeping, a backup gig could mean he's better left untouched.

      Vasquez- Has his ups and downs. Last year he had great assists, nice 3's, decent steals, good rebs for a PG and nice FT%. His FG% wasn't great, and his TO's were on the high side, but still had a decent A/TO ratio. BUT, those stats came in basically a prime opportunity for him. In Sacremento he has more guys that need the ball in their hands to score, and a time share at the point with Isaiah Thomas is a REAL possibility. I just don't see him carrying over last year's value this season. I knocked him down multiple rounds on my draft chart.

      Drummond- Insane upside, hyped like crazy going into this season. Could be an elite source of Reb's and Defensive stats. BUT keep in mind he's still coming back from a back injury, he will be playing with a multitude of scorers and have more competition for blocks and rebounds, and as a rookie he didn't get enough playing time to really prove himself... I'm personally buying into the Drummond hype and think he'll be great, but you always have to think about all the circumstance.

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      • Will Drummond stay healthy? Will he still get enough lobs to have great FG% with Monroe and Smith on the court at the same time as him, along with Jennings who up until recently has been a shoot 1st PG. And finally, can you work around his crazy bad FT%? With a more prominent role this season, I expect him to get to the FT line more often. And with more FT attempts per game, his 37% FTs can kill you. Like Howard, it's hard to build a team around him that can be competitive in that category. So that's something to keep in mind.

        Personally I'd take the risk with Drummond and not worry about FT%, but that's because I have experience doing that successfully. It's very hard to do and can be really frustrating and some times it's not worth it. But from your other options I'd have to try it.
        For the other keeper I'm stuck. Without thinking about for a longer time, I'd be 50/50 on whether to take a PG (Nelson or Vasquez) or take a risk on Bynum. I'd hate to keep Bynum and then have him be injured most of the year. But I'd also hate to get rid of him and watch him have a dominant all-star caliber season!
        Good Luck!