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  • J. Micro J. Micro Oct 3, 2013 1:07 PM Flag

    Keep Ibaka or Lillard?

    I'm in a 8 person Head-to-Head 9 category league and I get to keep 3 players. I'm already keeping Lebron and Westbrook.

    Ibaka really helps me lock FG% (a nice compliment to LBJ's) and blocks. But, how high is the ceiling on Lillard?

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    • I already answered this question last time you posted, but the newest news on Westbrook's injury makes it a lot harder.
      With a healthy Westbrook and Lebron, I think Ibaka is the smarter choice, even though Lillard has a much higher ceiling. Lebron can basically be considered a PG (he averaged more assists per game than 18 other starting PG's last year). So I think you'd be better off taking Ibaka for his high FG%, decent pts/rebs/ and crazy high blocks. In an 8 team league where the talent level is high across the whole roster, without a block specialist as a keeper you'd have a hard time staying competitive in that category. Whereas without Lillard I think you'd still be competitive in the categories he helps with since you have Westbrook and James.
      BUT, that analysis is based on a healthy Russell Westbrook. So if you are trying JUST to win this year and the future seasons are an afterthought, this might sound carzy, but you might want to consider keeping Lebron, Lillard and Ibaka.
      Westbrook is likely to miss at least a quarter of the fantasy season, and his type of injury is 1 that you can never guarantee he'll come back and instantly be at 100%. I know it's hard to NOT keep a 1st round pick and instead keep a 2-4th rounder, but it might be the best strategy for this season.
      For the future I still think Westbrook, James, Ibaka is a more well rounded set of keepers than Westbrook, James, Lillard... But with Lillard's upside, I wouldn't knock you for keeping him.


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