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  • adam adam Oct 2, 2013 9:49 PM Flag

    Keeper league last spot unclear

    So am in a 10 team h2h 9 cat 5 keeper league.. I have D Wade, Kyrie Irving, David Lee, and Tim Duncan as for sure keepers.. The last one is fuzzy.. Potentially could be Greg Monroe, Roy Hibbert, or Mike Conley (theyre really all that make sense) Really to me its down to Monroe or Hibbert.. Hibbert is really hyped up, but last year Monroe out performed him in almost every category besides blocks.. I know Josh Smith is in Detroit, so who knows whether Monroe or Drummond will take the bigger minutes hit, as they both play PF and C, while theres speculation they will both play with Smith at the SF, im not buying it really, Smith is a much better PF.. So im stumped.. I was for sure keeping Monroe last year after Hibbert had such a up and down year, but then Smith came.. And Conley is one of the steal leaders in the league.. But then again i know I have Wade and Irvings steals (possibly about 1.5 out of Monroe too) AHHHHH lol help me out here.

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    • You should keep Wade, Irving, Hibbert, Conley and the last one is up to you. Duncan is gong to have a tun of DNP's this year and will not be what he was last year. Lee is good but with Bogut healthy, Iggy and Barnes around him I'm not sure what kind of stats he will give you. Monroe you guys made all the points except he might get traded in middle of the year if things are not panning out. Wade is a must as is Conley and Hibbert has no one to compete with and has bulked up to give better stats.

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      • well, David West isnt a scrub but i see what youre saying.. Im not sure what i will do.. Probably go with Lee anyways.. We all know bogut wont stay healthy all season haha.. Honestly though i dont like giving up on Duncan until i see the Spurs show a sign of preparing for post- Duncan basketball.. Right now they dont have much else to take his place.. Start Matt #$%$ or Boris Diaw? I doubt it when they still have Duncan.. I might just keep him instead of Hibbert and hope i can get either Hibbert or Monroe in the first round of drafting.. If not im sure there will be plenty out there. This Keeper league stuff is tough haha.. but thanks..

    • I think you are insane to not keep conley. He would be at worst third best keeper imo....


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