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  • Ryan Ryan Oct 1, 2013 4:27 PM Flag

    Rate my new team!!!

    How did I do in a 12 team points league? What changes should I make and who should I try to get in a trade?

    PG: Stephen Curry
    SG: Victor Olidepo
    SF: Andre Iquadola
    PF: David Lee
    C: Nikola Pekovic
    G: Jrue Holiday
    F: Josh Smith
    UTIL: Tim Duncan
    UTIL: Jeremy Lin
    UTIL: Arron Afflalo

    B: Spencer Hawes
    B: Jordan Crawford
    B: Kentavious Caldwell Pope
    B: Luis Scola
    B: Nerlens Noel

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    • Nice balanced teamyouth and older players.Who was your first pick?
      You were picking late in the first round,right?
      good luck

    • Its also H 2 H points

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      • How are the points distributed? I've played in leagues where everything is worth 1 point. I'm in 1 right now where PTS, REBS, ASTS, STLS, BLKS are all worth 1 pt each. that's it. No points for 3's, no negative points, nothing else.... I've also played in leagues where the categories are weighted. For example if PTS are worth 1 and REBS are worth 1, ASTS might be worth 1.5 and blocks worth 2.0. Sometimes there are negative points for things like TO's, Techincal Fouls, and ejections, etc etc.
        So the scoring format for your points league would really make a big difference in the quality of your roster.
        But right off the bat it looks like you are lacking depth at the SG position. Caldwell-Pope could end up being a nice pick, but that's ONLY if he gets minutes. Right now that is not a guarantee. I know the latest rumor says he COULD be the starting SG but who knows? If he doesn't get more than a minimum of 25 MPG I don't think he'll be useful in fantasy.
        Jordan Crawford is a risky pick as well since there's been no indication of his role on the new-look Celtics. If they play him strictly at SG he won't have a whole lot of value. Just not enough minutes, especially when Rondo returns, with him, Bradley, Lee, Brooks and possibly Bogans all available to play SG.
        What round did you draft Noel in? If this is NOT a keeper league and it was earlier than your last 1 or 2 picks then I don't really like that move. I guess he's worth a shot with your final 1 or 2 picks though.

        Who are, in your opinion, the best available FA's? There might be someone with more potential out there than Crawford or maybe even KCP.


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