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  • L L Sep 29, 2013 4:21 PM Flag

    6th pick who should my first 2 be??

    Did a bunch of mock drafts, assuming 1-5 go in order I'm looking at kyrie, Westbrook,Paul George, or love. I feel like all of them are just bigger names then Kyrie,Westbrook is hurt, love is injury prone and George is great but a big part of me feels like just grabbing Melo over all of them. Thoughts???

    Also second pick I'm looking at Dirk, Gay, Pau,Conley....I'm thinking Gay or reaching for Josh Smith. Help??

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    • thanks alot guys I appreciate the help. My fault, the league is 14 teams H2H 10 standard categories with FT% and Offensive and Defensive rebounds instead of total rebounds. yeah im gonna stay away from westbrook now unless I get him late. Anyone else?

    • I would go with Curry if he's still available, then Irving, Love.
      2nd round would go with bigman (if you are taking Curry/Irving) - Aldridge/Davis/Horford/Batum/Howard.

    • scoring, settings, and league size would help

    • With the news of Westbrook missing 4-6 weeks I'd take him out of consideration.
      So if it were me, I would take either Paul George OR Irving/Curry (1 of the 2 should be available. You are thinking Kyrie and you are probably right, but I've seen a few people in mocks taking Irving over Curry, guess they still don't trust those ankles.)

      And for you 2nd pick, to me it all comes down to whether or not you go for a PG or George with your 1st pick.... It's kind of hard to tell who you should pick 2nd without knowing the league size. But from the players you mentioned I am going to guess that it is a 14 team league with a snake order draft and you will have the 5th and 24th picks if my math is correct?

      If that is the case and you went with Paul George in round 1, then I like your idea of Mike Conley, but I'd urge you to look at who else is available. I would strongly consider taking Lawson over Conley. Besides steals and FT% Lawson should be as good or better than Conley in all categories. So even though I think he's ranked lower, I have Lawson ranked slightly higher than Conley overall, but either 1 are nice choices here, and it really comes down to how much you value those extra steals from Conley. Maybe use Lawson as a backup plan if someone reaches ahead of you and grabs Conley.

      If you did go with a PG (Irving/Curry) in round 1 then Pau might not be a bad option, but I'm still skeptical of him staying healthy all year. But if he does he should have no trouble at all returning 2nd round value since he'll be a HUGE part of the Lakers gameplan this year. I think there would likely be a few guys I'd take before Dirk, Gay or Smith though. I'd be on the lookout to see if guys like Larry Sanders or Kawhi Leonard are available. And definitely make sure nobody overlooked Batum, Wall or Ibaka but they should be off the board. I've also felt like Noah is constantly underrated. He's not a huge scorer but has great assists for a big man and nice rebs/ stls/ blks. Decent FT% too

    • How many teams in your league? Is this a keeper league? Normally I would go with the best ranked player. Kyrie, and George I think are the best bets. I like Westbrook too but not sure when he'll be back. Love would be good too. I think he's just had bad luck the past couple of years with getting hurt. I normally wouldn't draft melo unless he was the highest ranked player available or the scoring included FGM and FTM. Thats just my opinion.
      As for the second pick I like Dirk since he's a safe bet. Instead of Smith I'd probably go for Noah. If your league does not count FT% then Howard could be an easy second pick.


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