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  • Filipe Filipe Sep 27, 2013 4:20 PM Flag

    who would you keep in a 8 keepers, 12 team league?

    M. Thornton or A Bynum

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    • Bynum, when healthy complete beast! worth keeping for sure.

    • This is easy for me, I'd take Bynum all day! Thornton is a very 1 dimensional player. Outside of 3PTM what does he do for you? Below average rebs, asts, stls, blks is not worth the PTs and 3PTM he gives you. Although he's only in his mid 20's, his upside is not nearly as high as Bynum's. Remember, when Bynum is healthy he is THE best, or if not at least top 3 Centers in the league. From both a fantasy and real life standpoint. Taking him as your 8th and final keeper is pretty low risk IMO. If he doesn't pan out, it would be like your 8th round draft pick being a bust. Not awesome, but shouldn't be a deal breaker for your team. 8th round talent is usually a crapshoot unless you get a steal. Most of the time there is some risk involved. I'd say with Bynum's ceiling, the risk is worth it, especially since the alternative is Thornton.
      Who else is on your roster?
      The only way I would NOT go with Bynum, is if you have the option to just keep 7 players and would prefer to get someone projected to be available in that round. I believe if I did the math right (assuming this is H-2-H style) the players likely available if not already being kept would be guys like: Mayo, Faried, Pierce, Boozer, Vasquez, Hayward, Butler, Drummond, McGee... Altough in a 12 team/keep 8 league I wouldn't be surprised in most of those guys are being kept. But it at least gives you the idea of the talent level typically found in that round.
      Thornton is below most of those guys in my book, while a healthy Bynum is miles ahead.

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      • My other keepers are R westbrooks, C anthony, M gasol, R gay, D. Howard, J Holliday and J Lin. I was thinking to pick the 8th from these 3 players, kover, Bynum and Thornton. Since I was the champion last season, even if I keep only 7 I will still be the last one to pick in the draft in the 9th round


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