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  • Dylan Dylan Sep 27, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    Just drafted rate me team!?

    10 team standard cats.

    Pg - irving
    G - kemba
    Sg iggy
    Sf - deng
    Pf- aldridge
    f - Vucevic
    C - Bynum (yeah i know risky)
    Utl- mcgee
    Utl - burke
    Utl - amare
    Bench - oladipo
    Bench - Derozan
    Bench - Galanarri

    Thanks guys !

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    • In 10 team leagues this year I would DEFINITELY stay away from Amare and Galanari (injury/team competition). I'd most likely stay away from Bynum and Deng (injury). I always stay away from Derozan (1 dimensional player) and I'd be willing to bet that there were more reliable/proven options when you picked Burke and Oladipo. Unless this is a keeper league I don't think I'd be taking them except for MAYBE my last pick. But in a 10 teamer I could probably find better there.
      Overall I like Irving and Aldridge. All others are mediocre to bad picks in my humble opinion. Vucevic, Iggy, Kemba and McGee being your OK picks.

    • Everyone but Irving, Kemba, Alridge, Vucevic, and Deng should be traded. Iggy could stay depending on what you're getting in return. Your team is filled with injury prone people, no rebound heavy center, no 3 pt specialist

    • In a 10 team league you should've done a lot better. You're weak in assists, steals, rebs, and, 3s. Bynum still doesn't have a timetable for when he'll return and Gallinari is out at least until December. You only have 3 and a half (amare) big men collecting boards for you. I can't speak on Burke or Oladapio cause I don't follow college ball so maybe you know more about them than I do. You have an ok roster from PG down to the F spot but not much past that.

    • I agree as well. I wouldn't trust bynum, mcgee, amare. burke may have some upside. Galanari isn't bad, but he'll probably be out until December.

    • 10 teams is shallow and I'd say you picked up too much risk here.
      Bynum, McGee, Burke, Amare, Galanari are all sketchy picks. Just having one of those guys would be fine, but having all of them, you better start getting ready to stream players in from the FA pool. Trade everyone of those guys for a bag of peanuts if you can, seriously, take anything you can get and start bringing in players that can stay on the court and produce.
      I'm not a fan of DeRozan, he's too one dimensional. Normally I would really like the Oladipo pick, but with all the risk you already have, he's just a bit more risk to take on. I'd hold onto him and see if he pans out (I think he will) but if someone offers you a stud for him, I would take it.
      In a 10 team league you are off to a rough start with this squad, time to start doing some damage control. Your core players are Irving, Aldridge, Vucevic and Kemba. Start building around them and consider everyone else as trade pieces. Deng and Iggy are decent pieces to hold onto if you really want them, but everyone else has got to go.


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